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Ticket #2080 (new defect)

Opened 13 years ago

Problem seeing Linksys WRT54GSv5 AP with D-Link DWL-G650 rev. C1 with MadWifi 0.9.4

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Problems began after scrubbing my laptop an going to Ubuntu 8.04LTS

AP Details

Linksys WRT54GSv5 running replacement firmware: DD-WRT v24 (05/24/08) micro (Broadcom hardware) Configured as AP with WPA-Personal and TKIP, SSID Broadcast ON

Previous configuration (worked)

Dual boot

1. Windows XP Pro running D-Link's driver version 3.7.1

2. Xubuntu 6.10 running MadWifi


Wireless NIC was able to scan and see my AP as well as other neighboring APs. It was able to associate with my AP normally and operated perfectly.

New configuration (does not work)

Crufty XP installation and end of Ubuntu Edgy Eft support prompted scrub and reload of OSes.

Dual boot

1. Windows XP Professional running D-Link driver new WHQL certified version 4.4

2. Ubuntu 8.04LTS running MadWifi 0.9.4


Windows XP with new driver did not see my AP, but did see neighboring APs (open, WEP listed).

Reverted to the 3.7.1 D-Link driver, restoring normal operation. I could then see and associate with my AP OK.

In Ubuntu, I had the same behavior as in XP. I could see neighboring APs (open, WEP, and one WPA listed). But, I could not see my own.

I removed MadWifi 0.9.4 and tried ath5k using the compat-wireless download method (avoids kernel compile); the date code of my download was compat-wireless-2008-07-30. This compiled and built normally.

The ath5k driver was able to see my AP and has so far been working perfectly.

The Challenge

Because my experiences with the new MadWifi driver seem to parallel my experiences with the new D-Link provided driver for Windows XP, I believe there may be a common thread to the differences in these two drivers. Perhaps the HAL binary (this same control logic must also exist in some form in the Windows driver) is functionally different somehow between the two Windows driver versions and also the two MadWifi versions.

I tried to use MadWifi and 0.9.3 on my new Ubuntu load, but I could not get either to build (it seems wireless extensions to the kernel have made significant progress/changes, rendering the code incompatible without modification my system's kernel 2.6.24-19-generic).

After some lengthy googling, it appears I am the first to report such a conflict. This could be because the problem may only appear in certain combinations of AP and client NIC hardware.

I have a working client using ath5k, so I am mostly satisfied. Should I need to make my card act as an AP, it's unclear if MadWifi 0.9.4 will work, and the strangeness I've observed might portend incompatibilities with clients trying to join up. ath5k has no AP support yet.

No one has complained about the D-Link 4.4 driver version on Windows. Again, this may be because other APs in the field are not turning out to be incompatible, as mine seems to be.

This makes me wonder if the trouble is some small difference in how my AP operates vs. the other APs visible on my scans, previously innocuous but now fatal with new client driver code. Or, if the real problem is the driver code. The fact of identical behavior on the Linux and Windows sides suggests the potential for some deep cross-platform connection in this issue.

I would classify this issue as a curiosity, given that ath5k is working for me.

Great work MadWifi Team!!!

-Andrew Skretvedt