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Ticket #2057 (new defect)

Opened 14 years ago

Last modified 14 years ago

[patch] Cleanup of Makefiles (module file install location + remove extraneous path slashes)

Reported by: Ken Roberts <> Assigned to:
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: madwifi: other Version: trunk
Keywords: install module kernel path Cc:
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Description (Last modified by mrenzmann)

./ Install path changed to kernel/drivers/net/wireless/madwifi

(consistency with the rest of the kernel modules)

./{subdirs}/Makefile: Remove extraneous slash in
  install -m 0644 ath_test_ccmp.$(KMODSUF) $(DESTDIR)/$(KMODPATH)

(Not necessarily a defect, but keep consistent pathnames in *nix filesystems)


madwifi-svn-Makefile.diff (7.4 kB) - added by Ken Roberts <> on 07/15/08 00:11:17.
Patch for module install locations and remove extraneous slashes in KMODPATH

Change History

07/15/08 00:11:17 changed by Ken Roberts <>

  • attachment madwifi-svn-Makefile.diff added.

Patch for module install locations and remove extraneous slashes in KMODPATH

07/15/08 00:35:45 changed by mentor

OK, but what if $DESTDIR does not have a trailing '/'?

07/15/08 00:40:50 changed by Ken Roberts <>

${KMODPATH} should already have a leading slash - ${DESTDIR} is only needed if installing to out-of-tree location (building for a different kernel than the one that's currently running)

BTW (missed on origninal submittion): Patch signed-off by Ken Roberts (

07/15/08 01:20:49 changed by Ken Roberts <>

Secondary email for Ken Roberts <>

07/15/08 06:23:53 changed by mrenzmann

  • description changed.

07/15/08 21:00:56 changed by Ken Roberts <>

After checking ./, line 106 predefines KMODPATH as:

KMODPATH := /lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/madwifi

so, removing extraneous slashes in the Makefiles should not be a problem.