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Ticket #2053 (new defect)

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Turbo Channel Search broken

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While fiddeling with the new OpenWrt/DD-WRT/MakSat patch (see ticket #2002), I needed to repair the channel search in order to use STURBO with the attached patch.

Side note 1: I was not able to get dynamic turbo (DTURBO) to work. Has this ever functioned? To activate DTURBO, the sc_rate_recn_state field needs to become true - but there is not rate control module which does that. After faking this, the driver in AP mode changed beacons and the sta side reacts. But after switching on DTURBO in HAL, the driver is stone dead...

Side note 2: To test the OpenWrt/DD-WRT/MakSat patch one need a couple of small changes in the driver code. Patch is not meant to be officially included - so no signed-off-by by intent.


450-new_hal-r3767.patch (6.6 kB) - added by on 07/14/08 08:48:19.

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Where do I have my brains this morning. You need the TURBO fix of course:

diff -Nur madwifi-trunk-r3767-20080711.orig/net80211/ieee80211.c madwifi-trunk-r3767-20080711/net80211/ieee80211
--- madwifi-trunk-r3767-20080711.orig/net80211/ieee80211.c      2008-06-21 16:40:43.000000000 +0200
+++ madwifi-trunk-r3767-20080711/net80211/ieee80211.c   2008-07-12 17:50:46.000000000 +0200
@@ -688,6 +688,7 @@
        int i;

        /* Brute force search */
+       flags &= IEEE80211_CHAN_ALLTURBO;
        for (i = 0; i < ic->ic_nchans; i++) {
                c = &ic->ic_channels[i];
                if (c->ic_freq == freq &&

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