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Asus A7k freezing when using madwifi

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I'm experiencing problems with the AR5418 at r3747 on an SMP 64-bit system. This issue occurs on a A7K Asus laptop running with a 2.6.26-rc8 kernel. The source code compiled with no errors and the module loads properly The card has no trouble associating with my D-Link router using wpa with wpa_supplicant.

However, the connection is pretty "unstable". The connection rate vary from 54Mb to 2Mb for the lowest value even when the laptop is located 2 meters from the router. The Rx invalid nwid value keeps increasing.

After a few minutes (random) the system freezes and the hard drive led blinks endlessly. The same applies if I try to restore system state after sleep or hibernate modes.

This bug report might be related to #1968 ticket. Please let me know if you need any additional information

Regards, Jonathan Dray


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lspci command output
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dmesg command output
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07/03/08 11:49:05 changed by mrenzmann

Can you confirm what has been said in comment 1 to #1968? Means: does the problem disappear when you boot with "nosmp"?

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I tried to boot the system with the "nosmp" option. It is worse. The laptop freezes after 10-15 min. Even if I'm working on it.

Regards, Jonathan Dray

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lspci command output

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07/08/08 18:40:33 changed by mentor

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rc kernels are not supported, please would you confirm with 2.6.25?

Also, see InvalidNWID.

09/16/08 09:09:06 changed by anonymous

The same problem is visible with the latest Fedora 9 kernel (kernel- which is based (therefore no rc, anymore).

When compiling the mad-wifi driver using the Livna akmod-madwifi package, I got the same compiler error as described above.

That probably explains why there is no Livna kmod-madwifi package for the latest 2.6.26 kernel.