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Kernel panic from madwifi after repeated disassociations

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Component: madwifi: rate module 'minstrel' Version: trunk
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I have an access point that is using an Atheros AR5006X, and a laptop using an Atheros AR5212 card. Both are running madwifi from SVN - r3717 on the AP, and r3721 on the laptop. The network uses WPA2-Enterprise, with hostapd on the AP and wpa_supplicant on the laptop.

After being associated to the AP for a while, my laptop gets disassociated for no apparent reason. After that, every association is immediately followed by a disassociation. Unloading the modules and restarting the interface on the laptop has no effect - only rebooting seems to help, and that is only temporary.

If I allow the association/disassociation loop to run long enough, the kernel panics. It usually only takes a minute or two for this to occur. My wife's laptop is using an iwl3945 card with wpa_supplicant, and does not exhibit this problem at all.

This situation is highly reproducible - I have experienced as many as 6 hard kernel panics within the space of an hour.

I am attaching the most complete kernel dump I have obtained so far. It is missing some information, so please let me know if what is present is insufficient.

svn info from laptop:

Path: .
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 0192ed92-7a03-0410-a25b-9323aeb14dbd
Revision: 3722
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: benoit
Last Changed Rev: 3721
Last Changed Date: 2008-06-12 10:50:36 -0400 (Thu, 12 Jun 2008)

svn info from AP:

Path: .
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 0192ed92-7a03-0410-a25b-9323aeb14dbd
Revision: 3718
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: mentor
Last Changed Rev: 3717
Last Changed Date: 2008-06-10 11:32:45 -0400 (Tue, 10 Jun 2008)


kerneldump (3.5 kB) - added by on 06/15/08 18:21:47.
Kernel Crash Dump
kerneldump.2 (3.9 kB) - added by on 06/16/08 14:31:56.
Complete kernel dump
minicom.cap (340.6 kB) - added by on 06/18/08 15:26:54.
Minicom capture of syslog during association attempts and panics
kernel.log (174.1 kB) - added by on 06/19/08 16:17:48.
Better kernel log for disassociations
minstrel_mrr_no_rates.patch (0.6 kB) - added by scottr on 06/30/08 01:22:41.
Don't try to set up mrr when no rates exist for a node

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Kernel Crash Dump

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Complete kernel dump

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I've attached a better kernel dump - this one is actually complete.
I have begun to think that there may be two distinct bugs here: the disassociation issue, and then what madwifi (or, apparently, minstrel) does when it experiences rapid repeated disassociations.
mentor advised me in IRC to enable kernel lock debugging, which I have done. However, I am not sure how to use that to get more or better information. It was enabled during the latest attached kernel panic, for what it's worth.

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Minicom capture of syslog during association attempts and panics

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Further testing results:

Setting iwpriv ath0 bmiss 100 helped reduce the disassociations for a while, but after a couple of hours they returned.
I tried all of the available ratectl options, and only minstrel and sample are actually able to associate with my network.
Setting the ratectl algo on the AP to sample instead of minstrel seems to have helped things.

After running echo 0 > /proc/sys/dev/wifi0/diversity I was able to stay associated for several consecutive hours. Eventually the disassociations returned, and the only remedy was to reboot the computer. This seems to work best when combined with iwpriv ath0 bmiss 100.

The sample ratectl algo does not experience a kernel panic even after an extended period of constant disassociations, so it appears that the panic aspect of this bug is isolated to minstrel.

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Better kernel log for disassociations

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Scott, any ideas for this?

06/30/08 01:22:41 changed by scottr

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Don't try to set up mrr when no rates exist for a node

06/30/08 01:25:38 changed by scottr


Please try the attached patch and let us know how it goes.


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Tried the patch w/ the hal- branch. I was able to stay associated, using minstrel, for nearly 48 hours before experiencing disassociation problems. After a couple of hours of continuous re/disassociation I have yet to experience a kernel panic. I think it should also be noted, that the disassociation did /not/ coincide with an NMI on the WAP this time.

07/16/08 12:08:39 changed by scottr

I've committed the patch in r3775. I imagine that the disassociation problem is a separate one. Do disassociations happen even when not using minstrel?



07/16/08 18:21:00 changed by

Yes, the disassociation occurs with both Minstrel and Sample. I'm still trying to determine whether it is caused at the AP side or the client side, or some bizarre combination of the two. I can stay associated with other APs without issue, and other people using non-Atheros cards can stay connected to my AP as well.
I just remembered that I have a PCMCIA atheros card at home. I'll test with that, to rule out vendor-specific issues with my Thinkpad card.