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wds 1, STA does not look at receiver address of DStoDS packet

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I have an STA with MAC address 06:0e:8e:13:ab:29. It is associated to an AP with 06:1a:c1:35:ce:e2. Both have iwpriv wds 1, so can send/recieve 4 address frames.

I added a few debug prints to understand my problem:

wifi1/ath1 DSDS 06:1a:c1:35:ce:12->06:1a:c1:35:c5:cf(06:1a:c1:35:ce:e2->06:0e:8e:13:ab:1f)
wifi1/ath1 delivering data from 06:1a:c1:35:ce:12->06:1a:c1:35:c5:cf

The STA has received a DSTODS frame. The frame has come from the AP the STA is associated to, however the receiving station address is of another AP. The station should discard this frame. However it does not. It passes the frame up the stack. This is wrong, and causes my bridge to incorrectly learn the source address on the wrong port. Further packets from this source address then get directed out the wrong port.

I took a quick look at the code. I don't see anywhere in 80211_input() which looks at the receiver address in DSTODS frames. I think a check needs to be added.....



4address_sta.diff (1.1 kB) - added by anonymous on 06/04/08 12:14:03.

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Soon to be attached is a patch which fixes this. I've tested it in my 5 node setup which uses WDS in the somewhat strange setup i have. However, the STA is clearly wrong in passing packets which are not addressed to it up the IP stack.

Please consider incorporating this into the trunk.

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Ups, i forgot to change the email address when submitting the patch. Also, its needs a signed off.

signed-off-by Andrew Lunn <>

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