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Ticket #1888 (new defect)

Opened 14 years ago

bridging defect since trunk 334X (AP works not properly); (but stable 0.9.4 works nicely)

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this is my second ticket about this problem. Atm I use Alix Boards with CM9 cards, Linux2.6.24-mesh Kernel and a lot of trunk SVN Versions. Problem is: If I use a trunk which was build after the latest stable (0.9.4) I have the same problems with mostly every trunk. When I create a simple AP wth WDS and bridging to eth0 I can connect with my Macbook or any other client, and after association the client breaks down and is not longer able to scan for other networks neither to ping or do anything else. A client with madwifi can associate (also a bridge with wds and eth0) and here I can ping and shoot traffic through the air. But not for long... the bridge on the client always says things like: "port2(ath0) entering disabled state" ... A few seconds later it comes back, but not for long... and the situation repeats and repeats and repeats.... till the AP is dead and is no longer able to pass packets trough. A few times I get messages that I have created a bridge loop (same address source/recieved). But this happens not so often with the later trunks (34XX and 35XX). So my question is: what went wrong after you merged 3354 to stable? Because the stable version works!!! The problem with the "port entering disabled state" also occured with the nicely working 3279, but not very often (maybe 15 to 30times a day).

So please fix this :)

best regards