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Ticket #1870 (new defect)

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memory leak on sending management frames

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Description (Last modified by mrenzmann)

I was testing source:madwifi/trunk@3412 on an IXP425 in an Avila from Gateworks. I am using kernel version on ARM in big endian mode. I have two mini-PCI radios, an XR2 and an XR5 from Ubiquiti. Both are based on the 5212.

I have two VAPs created as APs. I noticed over time my free memory kept decreasing. No applications had high usage in top. A bisectional search lead me to r3401. This changeset sets the bf_node and bf_skb and takes a reference on the bf_node. The problem is that it then calls ath_tx_start which does the same starting at line 7543.

This leads to an extra reference being taken that is never removed.


madwifiLeakFix.diff (428 bytes) - added by on 04/08/08 16:18:47.
patch to fix leak while preserving the comment removal
madwifiLeakFixSigned.diff (1.4 kB) - added by on 04/09/08 15:52:57.
signed patch to fix leak while preserving the comment removal

Change History

04/08/08 16:18:47 changed by

  • attachment madwifiLeakFix.diff added.

patch to fix leak while preserving the comment removal

04/08/08 16:21:11 changed by

I attached a patch attachment:ticket:1870:madwifiLeakFix.diff that fixes things for me. Another option would be to undo [3401] but I am not sure about the comment that was removed.

04/09/08 06:18:47 changed by mrenzmann

  • owner set to mentor.

Thanks for the report and the patch. However, the patch needs to be signed off to be accepted for inclusion to repository after review.

04/09/08 06:21:51 changed by mrenzmann

  • description changed.

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  • attachment madwifiLeakFixSigned.diff added.

signed patch to fix leak while preserving the comment removal

04/09/08 15:55:25 changed by

I attached attachment:ticket:1870:madwifiLeakFixSigned.diff. I hope this helps.