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Ticket #183 (closed defect: duplicate)

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scheduling while atomic: ifconfig

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kernel error when using ifconfig ath0 up. Backtrace attached. Kernel 2.6.14 patched with suspend2 -rc11 ( Tested with Revision: 1346. Had this error since the beginning public test of madwifi-ng.


backtrace.txt (2.0 kB) - added by on 11/28/05 12:12:31.

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Please give a detailed description of how this problem can be reproduced. What steps did you perform before (loading modules, running wlanconfig, configuring ath0 (how), ...)? Does it show up only with a special chain of commands, or every time you run ifconfig ath0 up?

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looks similar to my ticket:

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@ronni: Ack. @reporter: please try the suggestion from #94 ("load wlan_scan_sta") and let us know if it works.

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ok, loadin wlan_scan_sta first does actually help. it happened everytime i used ifconfig after wlanconfig ... . I didnt extend #94 because backtrace was looking pretty different. Maybe a small note in README would help, or force the module to load first? This ticket can be closed as fixed i guess.

Volker Gropp

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Thanks for your feedback, Volker. I'll mark this ticket as duplicate and close it, since this tickets describe the same problem as #94.

Won't add a note to the README, since this doesn't solve the original problem. Rather the driver should be fixed to not causing such problems on systems that don't make use of CONFIG_KMOD. This probably also applies to other parts of the driver as well.