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queuing inaccuracy on madwifi driver

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hello We have experienced some problems with madwifi driver and queuing inaccuracy (htb/cbq) if i connect three devices to one ap(mode) madwifi "ath0" and make three classes for each of three users to share bw on interface i have experiencing inaccuracy. the same problem is with one client connected to ap with madwifi driver. if i set to limit this client to some speed (htb) class with rate 128kbit and ceil 128kbit i experiencing (client is downloading using tcp protocol) rates between 64kbit and 256kbit.

I have tested the same configuration with hostap driver and pism cards and the queuing is working fine (if i limit driver to 128kbit i have 128kbit +-10kbit rates on connected client)

I have tested madwifi with different txqueuelen settings on wifi0 and ath0 and best results i have when txqueue is set to 1000 on ath0 and 1000 on wifi0 but rate is fluctuating +-60kbit witch is big inaccuracy.

Connected clients to the ap mode madwifi driver have RSSI=64 and 54Mbit rate. Madwifi was acting in 802.11g mode.

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Try again with trunk. I vaguely remember that there were changes that are expected to improve "cooperation" with the queueing stuff.