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Netgear WG511T (AR5212) not working for kernels past 2.6.18

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I have several time now built new kernels 2.6.19, 2.6.20, 2.6.21, etc each time updating Madwifi currently I have latest 'svn r3085'. In each case the modules load just fine and the card connects to the AP. This is true at home with WPA and at cafe's with no encryption. There is no indication of anything wrong in the logs, everything looks good, but you pinging the AP just fails as does any attempt to lookup a name, etc. In other words the card connects just fine, but then seems to utterly fail at any further communication with the AP.

For example, at home I connect and get assigned the address; I can see that the card is connected from my computer with iwconfig and from another computer, I can check that the AP thinks my card is connected. However, I cannot access the AP or anything else on the web from my computer.

About this time the kernel changed to a new wireless interface - new modules - mac80211, ieee80211, and cfg80211. There must be some obvious way to make things work again, but I cannot find any instructions or others having these problems.

I'll attach my kernel configuration...


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Kernel configuration (2.2.24)

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Kernel configuration (2.2.24)

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Replying to anonymous:

I have several time now built new kernels 2.2.19, 2.2.20, 2.2.21,

MadWifi never supported any 2.2.x kernels. You probably mean 2.6.x?

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