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[patch] Tweaks to madwifi-trace to install correctly on Mandriva 2008.0

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I checked out the madwifi-trace branch on a Mandriva 2008.0, and built it successfully. It also seemed to install successfully, but after rebooting, the old madwifi modules were still being loaded. I discovered that the modules were installed to /lib/modules/<kernel-name>/net/, but Mandriva expects them to be in /lib/modules/<kernel-name>/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/. I also discovered that all the other Mandriva modules are gzip'ed, but the install process doesn't do this (not sure if it's necessary, but seems like a good idea to be consistent).

This patch does the following:

1. Checks if the kernel/drivers/net/wireless directory exists, and if so uses it as the value of KMODPATH. Otherwise it falls back (without checking) to the current value.

2. Checks whether there are any gzip'ed modules in /lib/modules/<kernel-name>/ and sets the flag KMODGZIPPED to 1 (true) or 0 (false).

3. Modifies the script to find gzip'ed modules as well as any that are not.

4. Checks the KMODGZIPPED flag after the modules are installed, and if it is set to 1, it gzip's all the files in the KMODPATH directory.

This makes the install process work correctly on Mandriva 2008.0, and hopefully doesn't break it on any other platform that it previously worked on.

This patch might also apply to the trunk and/or other branches, but I haven't tried this yet.


madwifi-trace-mandriva2008-install-tweaks.diff (1.8 kB) - added by Shocky on 12/14/07 22:01:17.

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I forgot to sign it off when I submitted it.

Signed-off-by: Shocky <>