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WPA failure and readreg/writereg system lockup

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While using with default settings WPA, it is getting disconnected after few minutes during rekeying. If i set iwpriv ath0 bgscan 0 - problem disappearing.Probably in same time with scan system want to do rekeying, and failing. In result it get's banned on AP (Mikrotik).

Also system locking up (not completely, but everything becoming very slow, even typing on keyboard and switching VT's), if i do iwpriv ath0 writereg 0x987c 235 (or any other value) in monitor mode. In STA mode everything fine. Possible there is some issue with locking.

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A little bit more info Device ID 168c:001b (abg)

messages in dmesg on read *0x987c -> 0x000000eb on write *0x987c <- 0x000000eb = 0x00000000

if i unload ath_pci - all become fine