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Ticket #1534 (new defect)

Opened 14 years ago

bridges go into disabled mode frequently in WDS mode when traffic volume is high

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Hello all,

This is a problem annoying me for a couple of weeks.

Basiclly I am working on a 5-node chain topology as follows: (I followed the first option in the example

Client1(sta mode) <--->AP1(one virtual ap and one virtial sta, both WDS enabled) <--->AP2(one virtual ap and one virtial sta, both WDS enabled) <--->AP3(ap mode) <--->Client2(sta mode)

AP1's virtual sta connects to AP2; virtual sta and virtual ap in AP1 is combined using linux bridge. AP2's virtual sta connects to AP3; virtual sta and virtual ap in AP2 is combined using linux bridge.

When the traffic volume from Client1 to Client2 is high, the virutal sta interface in either AP1 or AP2 lost association to the corresponding ap interface in AP2 or AP3 ("Not Associated" in iwconfig output), which in turn trigered the bridge in either AP1 and AP2 went to disabled mode. After a while, everything was back to work. Then the bridges followed "learning" and "forwarding" steps. Next broke down again... This bad cycle repeated quite frequently. The throughput at the Client2 was really bad.

I set iwpriv bgscan 0 on virtual sta to stop their bacground scanning. However the problem still remained. Is it a problem in the driver or just a configuration problem?

Thank you very much for your time and help.