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Time stamp counter is imprecise

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On some Atheros chips >AR5212 such as the "AR5006X 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)", the timestamp counter (TSF) is too slow by about 250 ppm. That means, the mactime clock of the WLAN card misses about 1ms in 4s. If you do TOA distance measurements, this error is significant.


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Picture done with my measurement tool

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Picture done with my measurement tool

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What are you using as a reference clock?

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Replying to mentor:

What are you using as a reference clock?

I used a couple of other WLAN card as reference clock such as older Atheros cards, Intel and Prisms. Usually, the clock drift must does not extend +-20 ppm. Does, I am 100% sure that my measurements are valid and that the TSF values are too slow.

In addition, I have checked the standard, which states that the TSF must have a precision of -+100ppm. Thus, Atheros does not comply to the standard ;-)

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This appears to be a hardware issue that the driver cannot fix.

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Are where any changes that Atheros will read this web page and will answer to it?

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no.... this is just a tracer for driver problems. but not for silicon bugs.