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Deauthentication frames and promiscuous mode

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If a station's interface is in promiscuous mode, and it sees a deauth frame sent to another station, it processes it as if it were meant for the local system.

I have a bunch of clients in promiscuous mode because they are bridging ath0 to eth0. But you can see this without bridging, just "tcpdump -ni ath0" and on the master "iwpriv ath0 kickmac some:other:mac". I see it a lot because I have some flaky distant clients that don't always make it through WPA2-PSK authentication on the first try; the master deauths the flaky client, but the reliable clients also drop off because they see the deauth frame.

I'm using trunk r2518 from June 26. I'm attaching a naive patch that just checks for DA == local MAC in ieee80211_input() for deauth and disassoc frames. For me it does the trick, but I don't know if it is the right way.


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Discard non-local-dest deauth and disassoc frames

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Discard non-local-dest deauth and disassoc frames

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Hmm. I think the way is right. I wonded why it haven't been checked already in the code. If I will have some free time I will make such configuration and test. In the meantime I think you should sign-off the patch.