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Madwifi can't find some access points

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I'm running madwifi on an amd64 Gentoo machine. I have an AR5212 internal card on a Thinkpad Z61m.

Every time I've tried to install madiwifi I've had problems connecting to the wireless access points at my work. With madwifi, whenever I scan for APs (either using iwlist ath0 scan or using wpa_supplicant) some weaker access points show up, but the two strongest (my company's - one 802.11a and one 802.11g from the same wireless router) aren't visible. My driver attempts to connect to the local public library's access point (which is the only unsecured access point it can see), but fails because the connection is too weak.

Downgrading to madiwifi 0.9.3 works fine (though that's becoming problematic since the ebuild has been removed from Gentoo Portage) as does booting into Windows XP, so I'm confident it is a driver problem.

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Are you getting any discard frame messages in your kernel log?

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If I turn on debugging (with athdebug and 80211debug), I get discard frame messages in my kernel log (when the driver is failing to find/associate with my access points). I don't see anything if debugging is off.

They say (with the hex digits sometimes changing): firestorm kernel: [ath0:00:1c:10:06:5e:cc] discard frame, not to bss

I turned on debugging with the 0.9.3 driver and I also see discard frame messages in that case (when it has successfully associated with one of my APs).

08/15/07 00:33:42 changed by mentor

Would you grab a packer capture of the beacons from the APs to which it can't associate?

08/16/07 01:41:53 changed by anonymous

I'd be happy to do that, if you were a little more specific about what you'd like me to do. Do you want me to turn on the beacon and beacon_proc flags in athdebug and send you that?

08/17/07 00:29:58 changed by mentor

No, I mean using tcpdump (-w) or wireshark.