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txpower and hal issue

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Component: madwifi: HAL Version: v0.9.3.1
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with my device:

Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5006X 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)

and country settings (for germany):

dev.wifi0.regdomain = 55
dev.wifi0.countrycode = 276

and the the following RPM's installed:


i'm only able to set max. txpower to:

ath0      8 available transmit-powers :
          0 dBm         (1 mW)
          4 dBm         (2 mW)
          6 dBm         (3 mW)
          8 dBm         (6 mW)
          10 dBm        (10 mW)
          12 dBm        (15 mW)
          14 dBm        (25 mW)
          16 dBm        (39 mW)
          Current Tx-Power:16 dBm       (39 mW)

i expected to set txpower to 100mW (20dB), which is the allowed maximum for g/b in germany.

Maybe something wrong in hal? Something Atheros should know?


dev.wifi0.regdomain = 0
dev.wifi0.countrycode = 0

i'm able to set txpower to 18dB. Which is close, but not with the correct channels for my country of course.

btw: When i boot into Backtrack 2, i can set txpower to 20dB. I can't figure out why.

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HAL has different behavior on different chipset.
For Ubiquit XR5 (AR5414), the TX power can
be set up 17dbm @channel 161. Set 18dbm will be failed.

For Ubiquit SR5 (AR5213 + AR5112), the TX power can
be set up 18dbm @channel 161. But the Madwifi driver
will change it to 17dbm.

Under Windows platform, we can set TX power to 18dbm on
XR5/SR5.Why Madwifi HAL cannot do the same thing?
Please help me to find out what's wrong with HAL.

Thank you