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post-0.9.3 regression: scanning is too system intensive

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Priority: critical Milestone: version 0.9.4
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As reported on the mailing list:

In trunk after 0.9.3, at some point, scanning has become much more system intensive, to the degree where it noticably interrupts our realtime 3D graphics rendering.

I suspect this is because as of post-0.9.3, the device is generating an order of magnitude more interrupts when scanning. I'm measuring the interrupt count from /proc/interrupts, sampled every second for a 5 minute period (and then averaged to per-second values):

With 0.9.2 and 0.9.3, I find that when trying to make the device scan a lot, I get up to 100 interrupts per second. Not unreasonable for all the channel changing going on.

With post-0.9.3 (tested r2376 and r2518), I generally get more than 2000 interrupts per second performing the same test. The highest value I saw was 4600 interrupts per second -- rather excessive.


306-mib_intr_workaround.patch (2.9 kB) - added by on 11/28/07 09:46:11.
Patch from #1445 for high interrupt count

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It would be nice if we could address that before 0.9.4 gets released.

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Maybe related to #1445.

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Does seem very similar to #1445, which is now closed. Anybody tried that patch yet for this?

Will attach to this issue for testing.

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Patch from #1445 for high interrupt count

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