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Ticket #1429 (new defect)

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Radiotap MAC time doesn't point to begin of frame

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I noticed that the radiotap header MAC field does not point to the begin of the first bit of the package.

I attached a short capture file with a packet plus ack. As you can see the ack come just a few hundred microseconds after the data package, but the data package needs over a millisecond to transmit. Could it be that the MAC does point to the end of the packet (like it is in the PrismHeader?) ?

I'm using a madwifi directly from your SVN:

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This patch might be a sollution for the MAC-time problem of the radiotap header.

--- a/net80211/ieee80211_monitor.c
+++ b/net80211/ieee80211_monitor.c
@@ -539,7 +539,7 @@ ieee80211_input_monitor(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct sk_buff *skb,
                                th->wr_antenna = antenna;
                                th->wr_antsignal = rssi;

-                               th->wr_tsft = cpu_to_le64(mactime);
+                               th->wr_tsft = cpu_to_le64(mactime - skb->len * 8 / ieeerate * 2);