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Raw socket broadcast packets cloned

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Hi all,

I'm having troubles with sending raw ethernet packets through raw sockets: precisely, these problems appear when I send packets with a broacast destination address (FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) from a Mobile Node to a wireless interface that works as an AP (Master mode). the wireless device chipset is Atheros; both my process log and ethereal (on a 3rd machine) tell me that I'm sending ONE packet from the MN but the select() in the AP process triggers the read from the socket 3 times. I changed machine (with the same type of chipset) and it's still reacting the same way: I get 3 clones of the sent packet.

Also I see that if I track the packets (with Ethereal) reading from the device wifi0 I get just one incoming packet while if I read them from the ath0 interface I find 2 of them... so somewhere from wifi0 to ath0 the packet is cloned.. and the select makes me read the same packet 3 times...

If I send the packets in unicast or if I setup an Ad-Hoc network between 2 MN and use broadcast, there aren't any problems and everything works fine.

I also did tests using a 3rd machine as a sniffer to be sure I was not in promiscuus mode.. always the same results. Let me know if you have any clue about this, and thank you in advance.

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Sounds like you are in bridge mode. Try

iwpriv ath0 ap_bridge 0