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cannot set half/qtr rates with Ubiquity SR4

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Component: madwifi: driver Version: trunk
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Ubquity SR4 cards operate in the US Public Saftey regulatory domain (countrycode 842). The channels are full/hal/quarter-rate channels.

madwifi will configure rates for this card as standard 802.11a rates instead of full/half/qtr channel rates based on the regulatory domain and when you attempt to set a half/qtr rate it fails

I believe that the ieee80211_media_setup function should set the appropriate media rates based on the cards capabilities 'and' the regulatory domain in order to fix this issue.

Furthermore, the outcome of rate2media is used to validate the rate in ieee80211_ioctl_siwrate which I believe has the following issues:

  • does not seem to do the right thing if the radio is in 'auto' mode (mode=0) - only looks at 11g rates in this mode
  • does not take into account the regulatory domain and/or the curent valid media types that have been added to ifm_cur. If rate2media returns a valid rate which ifmedia_ioctl fails then ifm_cur remains in a NULL state and further calls to ieee80211_ioctl_siwrate or ieee80211_ioctl_setmode will fail

I'm not that familiar with how the regulatory domain is setup via madwifi. Can anyone suggest a patch or direction for this?


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Try countrycode 843. As I remember I was using this one before I have reprogrammed the cards using art tool with the proper country code. I have madwifi running on half and quarter rate channels but I'm using different hal that is included in madwifi. Those two versions cannot talk to each other on other channels that full, so I'm not exactly sure which hal does something wrong.