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Possibly add loop-breaking to consistency checking when setting channel/mode

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Component: madwifi: driver Version: v0.9.3
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I have a WRAP and a laptop with same:

  • kernel and almost identical kernelconfig
  • madwifi driver 0.9.2/3 (tried both)
  • wireless card CM9


  • driver compiled with -march=i586 vs i686
  • ...

iwpriv ath0 mode 11b (on 686) works

iwpriv ath0 mode 11b (on 586) complains with:

Interface doesn't accept private ioctl...
mode (8BE2): Invalid argument



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Sometimes it is not possible for some weird reason - imo it doesn't depend on -march but more likely on exact timing of request and present state of device , in short, if device is in AP mode and already settled in 802.11g mode or 802.11a mode or is in STA and is already associated or is scanning , ya sometimes have to switch it to channel 0 before issuing iwpriv mode command. Something like this :

iwconfig ath0 channel 0
ipriv ath0 mode 11b(g,a)

in AP mode is needed to set correct channel, sometimes is needed to set some channel from selected range even in STA mode, to force card to scan again

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  • version set to v0.9.3.
  • description changed.

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Replying to

iwpriv ath0 mode 11b (on 686) works iwpriv ath0 mode 11b (on 586) complains with:

Does that mean it always works on 686 and never works on 586? Or does it mean that it always works on 686 but sometimes fails on 586?

Also, does only mode 11b fail, or do mode 11a/mode 11g (sometimes) fail as well?

05/11/07 12:21:06 changed by

Thanks for the replies! From my point of view it looked like it always worked on a 686 and never on a 586. I thought I had tried everything but the iwconfig ath0 channel 0 did the trick on my WRAP.

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  • summary changed from "iwpriv ath0 mode 11b" doesn't always work to Possibly add loop-breaking to consistency checking when setting channel/mode.

There is an internal consistency check, when setting mode or channel, that checks that the combinatino of both are consistent. We should probably be smarter about changing modes and channels; do some sort of loop-breaking. However, this is very low priority, as there is a workaround.