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Error compiling 2.6.18-4 kernel with Atheros support built-in

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I've downloaded madwifi-0.9.30-10 from subversion, patched the 2.6.18-4 kernel and turned on Atheros support and Crypto API as usual (all compiled inside the kernel instead of modules).

When I compile the kernel I get a file missing error that looks like this:

error: /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.18/drivers/net/wireless/madwifi/ath_rate/amrr/../../hal/public/.opt_ah.h: The directory or file doesn't exist

Playing a bit I've discovered that the error is caused because the file .opt_ah.h, which should point to the current .-elf.opt_ah.h computer architecture (i386, x86_64, PowerPC, etc.), is missing inside the directory.

My temporal patch is to manually create the soft link but it would be nice if this was not necessary... :P

I think the error could be fixed modifying the ./ script to check the machine architecture and create the .opt_ah.h soft link to the correct file (i.e. i386-elf.opt_ah.h ).

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As stated in the requirements section of INSTALL, MadWifi does not support kernels older than 2.4.22.

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Mike, he is talking about kernel 2.6.18 :) ignuss

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Doh! Shouldn't walk through the tickets before I had my first coffee. I'm really sorry. /me turns red and hides

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Hey! Don't bother, it can happen to anyone. Just remember to take your coffee before begining to work... :P