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When wpa_cli tries to reconnect to my ap i get a lot of Disconnect events from time to time

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Component: madwifi: driver Version: v0.9.2.1
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Hi I'm using madwifi v0.9.2.1 (gentoo, 2.6.20) and from time to time (I think that it only happens when a wpa_cli tries to renew the keys but I'm not sure).

I get a lot of:

'<2>Association request to the driver failed'

Messages from wpa_cli. I'm using -Dmadwifi option and WPA-PSK as key manager.

PS:Looking for that in google I have seen that I'm not the only one that suffers this issue. If is needed more information I will add it gladly :)

Change History

02/18/07 11:11:45 changed by mrenzmann

It's generally recommended to use -Dwext instead of -Dmadwifi, from what I've learned from others. Please let us know if the described issue can be solved that way.

02/18/07 13:14:54 changed by anonymous

I forgot to mention that I have never been able to connect to my ap using -Dwext I always get timeout connections. Some times at the beginning wpa_cli says that the 4-way handshake has failed using -Dmadwifi instead of -Dwext without changing other options works well