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Ticket #1153 (new defect)

Opened 15 years ago

two wifi-cards, both should work as Master, but only the first one, which was set "up" is pingable

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Hi there,

I tried to prepare a setup for longshots with two wifi cards, one as AP with 2,4Ghz, the other one as AP with 5,6 Ghz. The problem: after creating and setting "up" both interfaces, only the first one, which was set "up" is pingable when I connect to one of them. If I connect to the first one, I can ping both devices. When I connect to the second one, it associates with my laptop or wrap board (both tested) but I cannot ping the second device (nor the first one).

Funny thing is: if I set the first card "down" (the one which was pingable), then instantly the second card (to which I was connected at this moment) is pingable. When I now set the first card "up" again, the problem appears on this card. The second card is still pingable, but when I connect to the first one again, the same problem appears with this card.

But I tested it with 2 other driver-versions (14.91 and 16.43) on kernel 2.6.15 and it was the same problem.

echo -n "my script:"

wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode master
iwconfig ath0 essid test2ghz
iwconfig ath0 channel 10
ifconfig ath0 up

wlanconfig ath1 create wlandev wifi1 wlanmode master
iwconfig ath1 essid test5ghz
iwconfig ath1 channel 120
ifconfig ath1 up

my config:

Wrap board, with 2 Wificards /Sparklan WMIA 123AG Driver: rev-count Madwifi 20.99 Kernel: 2.6.17

After setting up, the Problem appears.

I hope you can help me.