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Ticket #1125 (new defect)

Opened 15 years ago

Last modified 15 years ago

BUG (or KASSERT) failure in ath_setup_stationwepkey

Reported by: anonymous Assigned to:
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Component: madwifi: other Version: v0.9.2
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Description (Last modified by mentor)

kernel BUG at /opt/madwifi-0.9.2/ath/if_ath.c:8238!

invalid operand: 0000 [#1]

Modules linked in: md5 ipv6 parport_pc lp parport autofs4 sunrpc ipt_REJECT ipt_state ip_conntrack iptable_filter ip_tables uhci_hcd snd_maestro3 snd_ac97_codec snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss snd_pcm snd_timer snd_page_alloc snd soundcore wlan_scan_sta(U) ath_pci(U) ath_rate_sample(U) wlan(U) ath_hal(U) e100 mii floppy dm_snapshot dm_zero dm_mirror ext3 jbd dm_mod

CPU:    0

EIP:    0060:[<0a8dc8fb>]    Tainted: P  VLI

EFLAGS: 00010212  (2.6.9-1.667)

EIP is at ath_setup_stationwepkey+0x61/0x28d [ath_pci]

eax: 00000024  ebx: 07331000  ecx: 0a8e0587  edx: 023d4d30

esi: 0865b280  edi: 023d4d56  ebp: 07331000  esp: 023d4d2c

ds: 007b  es: 007b  ss: 0068

Process swapper (pid: 0, threadinfo=023d4000 task=0234cbc0)

Stack: 0a8e0587 0000ffff ffffffff 00000000 08300000 0865b280 0830c280 082c16e0

      0865b280 00000000 00000000 1bfbe610 0830c280 07331000 07805d20 082c16e0

      0a8d45bd 07805d20 00000000 00000000 0830c000 09fbe610 07331000 07805d20

Call Trace:

 [<0a8d45bd>] ath_mgtstart+0x21e/0x3e1 [ath_pci]

 [<0a83e1c3>] calc_usecs_unicast_packet+0x1c3/0x223 [ath_rate_sample]

 [<0a83f312>] ath_rate_ctl_reset+0x286/0x361 [ath_rate_sample]

 [<0a8dc43c>] ath_newstate+0x354/0x5d7 [ath_pci]

 [<0a95e972>] zz0067d221+0x1a/0x34 [ath_hal]

 [<0a9224dd>] ieee80211_new_state+0x9c/0x108 [wlan]

 [<0a918f04>] ieee80211_recv_mgmt+0x1d76/0x1dc6 [wlan]

 [<0a8d45bd>] ath_mgtstart+0x21e/0x3e1 [ath_pci]

 [<0a920111>] ieee80211_send_mgmt+0xa9a/0xab1 [wlan]

 [<0a8d76b6>] ath_recv_mgmt+0x3c/0x15b [ath_pci]

 [<0a91547d>] ieee80211_input+0xd63/0xdea [wlan]

 [<022a53df>] __kfree_skb+0xe7/0xea

 [<0a91b3be>] _ieee80211_find_node+0x2b/0x67 [wlan]

 [<0a8d7b36>] ath_rx_tasklet+0x328/0x5b5 [ath_pci]

 [<021250e2>] tasklet_action+0x3a/0x56

 [<02124f09>] __do_softirq+0x35/0x79

 [<021096ee>] do_softirq+0x46/0x4d


 [<02108b77>] do_IRQ+0x2fd/0x309

 [<0210403b>] default_idle+0x23/0x26

 [<0210408c>] cpu_idle+0x1f/0x34

 [<023a86bb>] start_kernel+0x216/0x219

Code: 84 f7 0f 0b 2c 20 a8 f0 8d 0a 5d 58 8b 54 24 18 0f b7 82 2a 03 00 00 66 83 f8 03 76 18 0f b7 c0 50 68 87 05 8e 0a e8 dd 38 84 f7 <0f> 0b 2e 20 a8 f0 8d 0a 5e 5f 8d bb a8 00 00 00 b9 03 00 00 00

 <0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt

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  • summary changed from Kernel Panic to BUG (or KASSERT) failure in ath_setup_stationwepkey.

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It would be nice to get some explaining words about the steps needed to reproduce this issue...