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Ticket #1046 (new defect)

Opened 15 years ago

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compilation should not require subversion (svnversion) to be installed

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At present, the Makefile uses the svnversion utility to ascertain the svn version number, which is then inserted into the file svnversion.h

This causes compilation failure on systems where the svn package is not installed. This is rare but neither impossible nor unreasonable; for instance a user may use svn to fetch the sources onto machine A, then copy them to machine B.

The following workaround suffices to extract the svn version number without invoking the svnversion utility, and can be patched into the Makefile in the obvious place:

  awk '{if (match($0, "revision=\"([^\"]*)", foo)) print "r" foo[1] }' .svn/entries

Change History

12/15/06 22:29:31 changed by

Better yet, here's a way of doing it with sed.

sed -n 's/.*revision="\([^"]*\).*/r\1/;T;p;q' .svn/entries

The Makefiles aready use sed, so this introduces no new dependencies, which is therefore better than doing it with awk, which would introduce an awk dependency.

07/26/07 05:34:04 changed by mentor

Would you please sign off that patch?