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Ticket #1045 (new enhancement)

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supported rates settings

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Priority: major Milestone: version 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phase
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The ability to tweak the supported rates listed in the beacon frame via iwpriv or some such thing would be of great value!

ex: If I have 20 clients connected to an AP outdoors, there will be some collisions, those collisions will cause re-xmits, re-xmits cause stepping down txrate, with a lower txrate there's actually more time per packet and a greater rate of collisions.

As well with the AP now working in 2M mode to talk to that 1 client the throughput of the AP falls on it's face.

Not sure if it would be worked into the same place but having the ability to also set the tx rates the AP mode device will use would be equally beneficial.

This would allow the ability for the AP to listen for client traffic as in the example above, at lower rates, but the AP would never choose to send at rates not selected here.

Having these types of tweaks available is almost necessary for reliable outdoor use. All my clients on my madwifi AP are fully capabale of tx/rx at 11mbit, but when things get busy and some collisions cause the txrates to drop on either end then the collisions get worse, speeds drop, and I have a 2M network instead of 11+.

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12/15/06 12:03:51 changed by mrenzmann

  • milestone set to version 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phase.

04/06/07 14:22:04 changed by boro

any changes about this feature? I think it is very important to have ability to set client tx rate from AP side.

04/06/07 18:56:23 changed by mentor

This item is not very high up on the, or at least my, TODO list.

04/06/07 19:00:16 changed by

i concur, this is interesting and important - for me and our network here - issue, will take a look at that next week and try to do something about that if i will be able to