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Ticket #1044 (new defect)

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Kernel crash in ath_rate/sample/sample.c:834

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Component: madwifi: rate module 'sample' Version: trunk
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First few lines of crash message are:

fixed rate 22 not in rate set<0>------------[ cut here ]------------ kernel BUG at /root/madwifi/ath_rate/sample/sample.c:834! invalid opcode: 0000 #1

Crash occurs at moderate-to-high traffic load. Traffic is initiated from or is directed to the Atheros-based node. Crashes are unpredictable in time but always occur in ath_rate/sample/sample.c:834.

Network environment: Atheros-based node (configured at a rate of 11Mbps) interoperating with 4 prism54-based nodes (all configured at a rate of 54 Mbps).


crash.1 (4.0 kB) - added by anonymous on 12/14/06 02:14:04.
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Which revision of trunk are you using exactly?

12/14/06 23:38:18 changed by

I don't have any information about the retrieval date. The only snapshot information at hand is apparently what madwifi/release.h says:

$Id: release.h 1695 2006-07-27 12:25:18Z mrenzmann


#ifdef SVNVERSION #define RELEASE_VERSION SVNVERSION #else #define RELEASE_VERSION "0.9.3" #endif


12/15/06 00:55:41 changed by anonymous

Can you check whether you get the same error with "onoe" algorithm? (UserDocs/RateControl)

12/15/06 11:42:32 changed by mrenzmann

If you retrieved your working copy with Subversion (svn), the command "svn info" should display the revision of the working copy. If you got a snapshot tarball instead, that contains a file call SNAPSHOT with similar information.

The information in release.h is unfortunately not helpful in this case.

12/15/06 14:30:33 changed by anonymous

I got the same error with amrr algorithm in the sense the system crashed with this:

fixed rate 22 not in rate set<0>------------[ cut here ]------------kernel BUG at /root/madwifi/ath_rate/amrr/amrr.c:303!

invalid opcode: 0000 #1 last sysfs file: /class/vc/vcsa3/dev Modules linked in: pswitch(U) pss_notify(U) nfsd(U) exportfs(U) lockd(U) nfs_acl (U) ipv6(U) autofs)CPU: 0 EIP: 0060:[<f8839341>] Tainted: P VLI

I didn't try onoe because I thought I would get the same problem.

I didn't get the tarball through subversion. I ran a %find command for SNAPSHOT and the file appears to be missing.


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As above but text and formatted

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Would you confirm that you are still experiencing these problems with latest trunk?