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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
181Hardware Support: AR5005V - MIMO Chipsetassignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: HAL
202Add support for piggybacking "per packet statistics" at the end of ethernet frames.newenhancementminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
447Power management commands using iwconfig not workingnew--defectminormadwifi: driver
634Status of XRnew--enhancementminormadwifi: driver
773Samplerate algorithm does not take in account the AC to compute the transmission timenewenhancementminormadwifi: rate module 'sample'
1163802.11s mesh in madwifinew--taskminormadwifi: other
1220queue application wmenew--taskminormadwifi: tools
1514Contention-free period (CFP) and Point Coordination-function (PCF)new--enhancementminormadwifi: other
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