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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
182panic: ath0=ap + ath1=sta ==> soggy cornflakesnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
201madwifi-ng fails to work after suspend/resumenewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
250madwifi-ng crashes when switching xr on while in STA modeassignedmrenzmanndefectmajormadwifi: driver
705Atheros Sensitivitynewproskidefectmajormadwifi: HAL
1339More than one VAP interfaces in STA modenew--enhancementmajormadwifi: other
42Patch: allow modification of queue length via ifconfigassignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: driver
176Evaluate use of 'iwconfig athX mode Y' to change a VAP's mode of operationnewenhancementminormadwifi: driver
189Explain ioctl errors via printknewmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: other
198Hardware Support: AR5006XSnewenhancementminormadwifi: HAL
304MadWIFI ng-Trunk: Atheros 5212 Not running at 108mbpsnewdefectminormadwifi: driver
322Promiscuous brokennewdefectminormadwifi: other
393Txpower malfunctionnewdefectminormadwifi: driver
425change modes with wlanconfig (or other method)assignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: tools
434Add top-level "rpm" target to build rpmsassignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: makefiles
446VLAN Tagging supportnewenhancementminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
533Incorrect frenquency table for France and 802.11h supportassignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: HAL
706Disable Radio by Softwarenewenhancementminormadwifi: driver
975iwconfig 'Rx invalid crypt' not updated for HW crypt errorsnewdefectminormadwifi: driver
980Channel fixed, but STA VAPs still scannewdefectminormadwifi: other
103[idea] wlanconfig enhancement for wdsnewenhancementtrivialmadwifi: tools
486document ack bitrate sysctl'snewtasktrivialmadwifi: documentation
527document wext complianceassignedkelmotasktrivialmadwifi: documentation
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