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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
1451post-0.9.3 regression: scanning is too system intensiveassignedproskidefectcriticalmadwifi: driver
848Beacon misses cause client to reassociatenewdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1093IBSS merging with neighbors not always working in ad-hoc modenew--defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1106Monitor mode reception failure whilst channel hoppingnewmtaylordefectmajormadwifi: other
1143Oops: On driver_unregister cleanup pathassignedproskidefectmajormadwifi: other
1164more statsnew--enhancementmajormadwifi: driver
1432"ath_rate_sample: no rates for <own mac address here>?" in IBSS modenew--defectmajormadwifi: driver
1131WDS / bridging in Ad-Hoc modeassignedmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1309Failed to compile madwifi-hal- (path issue)new--defectminormadwifi: makefiles
1422When the connection is blown off don't report previous rssi nor the AP we are not connected too anymorenew--enhancementminormadwifi: driver
1424The bitrate get stuck at 12M when the station switch from AP working on half/quarter channel to full onenew--enhancementminormadwifi: driver
1687Extend the 80211stats with the information about reason code from last received deauth, disassoc and auth (on failure) framesnew--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
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