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40Ticket handling guidelines for developersassignedmrenzmanntaskminor

Reported by mrenzmann, 10/24/05 14:03:50:

Start a page that gives some general guidelines for developers about how to handle tickets. Such as: "assign a ticket to yourself before actually starting to work on it", "when accepting tickets, try to assign them to an appropriate milestone", "don't accept tickets as long as necessary information is missing", and so on.

84SVN commit guidelines for developersassignedmrenzmanntaskminor

Reported by mrenzmann, 10/31/05 08:15:20:

Describe some general rules for developers who contribute directly to the repository. Such as "always use the comment to give a short description of your changes", "refer to ticket numbers where appropriate", "one commit per (logical) changeset".

229Finish UserDocs/WirelessBridgingnewmrenzmanntaskminor

Reported by mrenzmann, 12/15/05 07:41:12:

UserDocs/WirelessBridging needs to be finished.

231Site enhancement for including man pagesnewmrenzmannenhancementminor

Reported by, 12/15/05 12:45:02:

By installing man2html and some clever scripting could perhaps provide an online source for man pages that are included with the driver. It would only be necessary to regenerate the man pages after any changes to them in the trunk of course. So this need not be too demanding on the host system.

1036Document and explain possible error messagesnewenhancementminor

Reported by mrenzmann, 12/08/06 09:48:34:

The NetBSD man-page for their ath driver has a nice selection of possible error messages, along with a description of what they mean. We should adapt that, for inclusion in the users guide for example.

2156changing regdomain on AR242xnew--enhancementminor--

Reported by, 10/13/08 14:41:59:

For those plagued with an ill-regioned wifi card such as mine (was in 0x3A, for the US):

0c:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)
        Subsystem: Fujitsu Limited. Device 139c
        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 18
        Memory at fc200000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
        Capabilities: <access denied>
        Kernel driver in use: ath_pci
        Kernel modules: ath_pci

Running the following works nicely. I finally have channel 13...."welcome to jolly ol' england lappy":

ath_info -v -g 3:0 -w fc200000 regdomain 0x00

Some possible interesting spiel:

berk:/home/alex# ath_info -v fc200000 
#DBG main: sleep_ctl reg 00000000   reset_ctl reg 00000000
 -==Device Information==-
MAC Revision: 5414  (0xa3)
Warning: Invalid EEPROM Magic number!
Device type:  3
5GHz PHY Revision: 5424  (0xa2)
2GHz PHY Revision: 5424  (0xa2)

/============== EEPROM Information =============\
| EEPROM Version:   5.3 | EEPROM Size:   4 kbit |
| EEMAP:              2 | Reg. Domain:     0x00 |
|================= Capabilities ================|
| 802.11a Support:  yes | Turbo-A disabled: yes |
| 802.11b Support:  yes | Turbo-G disabled: yes |
| 802.11g Support:  yes | 2GHz XR disabled: no  |
| RFKill  Support:  yes | 5GHz XR disabled: no  |
| 32kHz   Crystal:  no  |                       |
GPIO registers: CR 0x00000303, DO 0x00000000, DI 0x00000008
STA_ID0: 00:1b:9e:6b:f6:df
STA_ID1: 0x1a80dff6, AP: 0, IBSS: 0, KeyCache Disable: 0
TIMER0: 0x00002834, TBTT: 10292, TU: 0x00012834
TIMER1: 0x000141df, DMAb: 10299, TU: 0x0001283b (+7)
TIMER2: 0x01ffffff, SWBA: 65535, TU: 0x003fffff (+4118475)
TIMER3: 0x0000286d, ATIM: 10349, TU: 0x0001286d (+57)
TSF: 0x0000000004a05a48, TSFTU: 10262, TU: 0x00012816
BEACON: 0x00000064
LAST_TSTP: 0x049ed18d

Thanks for the great work folks.



2270Supported chipsetsnew--enhancementminor--

Reported by, 03/26/09 15:06:15:

In readme.txt says:

5210 supports 11a only 5211 supports both 11a and 11b 5212 supports 11a, 11b, and 11g

But the list is much longer, is not it? Please write all supported chipsets in wiki and in readme.txt for 0.9.4 and for

324Update documentation: iwpriv "roaming" => "hostroaming"newtasktrivial

Reported by mrenzmann, 01/19/06 15:52:31:

r1403 changed the name of the name of the private ioctl roaming to hostroaming (and get_roaming to get_hostroaming) in order to work around a bug in iwpriv. Documentation needs to be updated accordingly, especially the users guide.

486document ack bitrate sysctl'snewtasktrivialversion 1.0.0 - first stable release

Reported by kelmo, 03/22/06 01:35:04:

We should document the sysctl's added in r1478.

527document wext complianceassignedkelmotasktrivialversion 1.0.0 - first stable release

Reported by kelmo, 04/12/06 14:28:29:

We should adjust our docs to reflect the additional wext ioctl's committed in r1499.

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