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Owner: bell_kin (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
575WDS + bridge mode panicassigneddefectmajormadwifi: driver

Owner: benoit (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
1908Channel selection on boot 'not working' - MIPS-EL (OpenWRT)newdefectminor--madwifi: driver

Owner: br1 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
884bringing up a newly created adhoc device without channel assignment crashes the systemassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other

Owner: dwhedon (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
985use multiple hardware queuesnewtaskmajordadwifi
1172interface is not brought up from ifconfignewdefectmajor--dadwifi
1471[patch] Tools makefile installs manpages for binaries that are not being installednewdefecttrivial--dadwifi

Owner: kelmo (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
339[patch] All madwifi tools in one fileassignedenhancementmajormadwifi: tools
440Wireless connection pauses / disconnects on ubuntu / Suse / Mandrakeassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
527document wext complianceassignedtasktrivialversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: documentation
654rename madwifi-ng -> madwifinewtasktrivialversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasewebsite

Owner: mentor (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
651unable to associate to AP using WEP with madwifi-ngassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
753Kernel oops/Failure of concurrent packet injection and packet captureassigneddefectmajormadwifi: other
1870memory leak on sending management framesnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
439Global WEP keys shared across all VAPsassigneddefectminormadwifi: driver
1324TX Power Setting Hash-upnewenhancementminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1452Remove internalised wireless extensions header for userspace toolsnewtaskminormadwifi: tools

Owner: mrenzmann (29 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
250madwifi-ng crashes when switching xr on while in STA modeassigneddefectmajorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
275Scan for non-ESSID-broadcasting access point always failsreopeneddefectmajorversion 0.9.2madwifi: 802.11 stack
774Obfuscate e-mail addresses in tickets et alnewenhancementmajorwebsite
837cannot set txpower > 17dbmassigneddefectmajormadwifi: other
40Ticket handling guidelines for developersassignedtaskminormadwifi: documentation
42Patch: allow modification of queue length via ifconfigassignedenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
84SVN commit guidelines for developersassignedtaskminormadwifi: documentation
181Hardware Support: AR5005V - MIMO Chipsetassignedenhancementminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: HAL
189Explain ioctl errors via printknewenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: other
229Finish UserDocs/WirelessBridgingnewtaskminormadwifi: documentation
231Site enhancement for including man pagesnewenhancementminormadwifi: documentation
285write a short script to create diff's of recent wiki page changesassignedenhancementminorwebsite
425change modes with wlanconfig (or other method)assignedenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: tools
434Add top-level "rpm" target to build rpmsassignedenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: makefiles
533Incorrect frenquency table for France and 802.11h supportassignedenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: HAL
619[RFC] Enhancing usability of compatibility listnewtaskminorwebsite
640madwifi should reflect module parameters in the /sys/module/<module_name>/parametersassignedenhancementminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
676Caching proxynewtaskminorwebsite
752"tx tasklet restart the queue" error messageassignedenhancementminormadwifi: driver
864setting countrycode bring down txpower too much - channels range might okassignedenhancementminormadwifi: HAL
883Provide list of current MAC ACL entriesnewenhancementminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
937[RFC] Maintain "MadWifi Users Guide" in our Wikinewtaskminorwebsite
960rpmbuild doesn't work against snapshotnewtaskminormadwifi: other
1131WDS / bridging in Ad-Hoc modeassignedenhancementminorversion 0.9.4madwifi: 802.11 stack
1206Hardware Support: AR5005G - Acer Travelmate 2310assigneddefectminor--madwifi: HAL
2452Something with your project site is running into limitsassigneddefectminor--madwifi: other
265Adjust copyright information to 2006newtasktrivialmadwifi: other
613Test some trac extensionsassignedtasktrivialwebsite
772Install trac-commit-hooknewenhancementtrivialwebsite

Owner: mtaylor (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
113802.11h Support (was STA IE Channels wrong)newdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: 802.11 stack
1106Monitor mode reception failure whilst channel hoppingnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: other
1659Periodic Calibration must disable DMA engine during calibrationnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
1367Port half and quarter rate channel support from FreeBSDreopeneddefectminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other

Owner: nbd (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
2127bug in the HAL's ah_reset functionnewdefectcritical--madwifi-hal-testing
2131Using fragmentation in ad-hoc mode crashes host when sending packets exceeding fragment sizenewdefectmajor--madwifi-hal-testing
2271AR242x Low speed in adhoc modenewdefectminor--madwifi-hal-testing
2315"Device or resource busy" & kernel oops at insmod ath_pci first attemptnewdefectminor--madwifi-hal-testing

Owner: pichon (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
959madwifi-0.9.2 is not rpmbuild readyassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other

Owner: proski (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
1903Channel switch on active interface in master mode causes hard lockupassigneddefectblockerversion driver
1451post-0.9.3 regression: scanning is too system intensiveassigneddefectcriticalversion 0.9.4madwifi: driver
162failed assertion in rate-sample, race condition bringing interfaces upassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
185Stuck beacon on latest svn of madwifiassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
705Atheros Sensitivitynewdefectmajorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: HAL
1143Oops: On driver_unregister cleanup pathassigneddefectmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: other
1709madwifi-ng r3081 produces kernel Oops: 817 when locking to 54Mbps rate on IXP4XX platformassigneddefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2110Incorrect use of sc->sc_dfs_cac_timer.datanewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
2130Wrongly limited frequency usage in new HALassigneddefectmajor--madwifi-hal-testing
1701[patch] fix wds vap state handlingassigneddefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2221Unknown symbols when insmod for madwifi-freeassigneddefectminor--madwifi: HAL

Owner: scottr (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
1998Kernel panic from madwifi after repeated disassociationsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: rate module 'minstrel'
1092Stack corruption in XR modeassigneddefectminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
2347Very Particular Wifi Access Dropsnewdefectminor--madwifi: rate module 'minstrel'

Owner: None (558 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
2106I: madwifi-ng can't associate with shared-key authenticationnewdefectblocker--madwifi: driver
2153modprobe ath_pci hard freeze kernel. Proxim 8482-WD PCInewdefectblocker--madwifi: other
2283kernel panic when going to monitor-modenewdefectblocker--madwifi: driver
2299Corrupted mac on ssh connections (evidence) - madwifi-hal- driver
2336Madwifi driver + AR2413 chipset transmitting higher power at lower band(<2.4012 Ghz) when there are no APnewdefectblocker--madwifi: driver
2354madwifi fails to compile in ath_hal/ar5212/ar2316.c due to warnings about signednessnewdefectblocker--madwifi: driver
2377Build error with 2.6.32 kernel and madwifi-hal- driver
2442ath_pci driver disabling when setting countrycodenewdefectblocker--madwifi: driver
2443madwifi is changing the MAC addressnewdefectblocker--madwifi: other
2448Atheros AR2413 - Make ERRORSnewdefectblocker--madwifi: other
1364Freeze randomly only when in university (many >100 aps at any time)newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
1829Very big problems with actual trunks from 3354 to 3375newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
1888bridging defect since trunk 334X (AP works not properly); (but stable 0.9.4 works nicely)newdefectcritical--madwifi: other
1968MacBook pro and/or SMP related brokenessnewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2027Asus A7k freezing when using madwifinewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2069Driver crashes on large file transfers.newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2108madwifi ap on openwrt build from trunk on 24/08/2008 locksup the ath0newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2112Errors when doing make command..newdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2152Kernel panic in ad-hoc mode on Acer Aspire Onenewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2171Rx Diversitynewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2198Kernel freeze since Kernel 2.6.xxnewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2205AP hangs after spurious APIC interruptnewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2253AR5213 & AR5413/AR5414: 5GHz AP mode unusable/brokennewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2290Performance problem (latency + bandwidth) with madwifi-hal- other
2296kernel panic in madwifi-ng 0.9.4 on MIPS, with stack tracenewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2309AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01 fails to work with Ubuntu 9.04newdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2310AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01) doesn't work with Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remixnewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2322AP mode interface hangs when "Multicast pending".newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2332madwifi crash infonewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2333madwifi-r3314 with linux-2.6.30 no packet transaction in AP and STA modenewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2359madwifi trunk is not working on AR71xxnewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2383madwifi trunk r4119 failing build on linux kernel 2.6.33newdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
239480211w support in madwifi drivernewenhancementcritical--madwifi: other
2406Kernel panic - ifconfig ath0 upnewdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2413Madwifi Disconnects and STA reboots????newdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2431bus_unmap_single gets called with wrong length on some tx code pathsnewdefectcritical--madwifi: driver
2436build error on gentoo x86_64, gcc-4.4.4, kernel: 2.6.34newdefectcritical--madwifi: other
2437bug fixed : AR5312 supportnewdefectcritical--madwifi: makefiles
629ath0: ath_reset: unable to reset hardware: 'Hardware didn't respond as expected' (HAL status 3)newdefectmajormadwifi: HAL
697roaming between two ap with r1593newdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
915New madwifi-ng snapshots don't associate with FritzBoxnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
989Sample rate control should be deprecated in favour of Minstrelnewtaskmajor--madwifi: rate module 'sample'
999Transmission rate can not be set to fixed valuenewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
1004Client kicked out by AP after random time intervalsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1014madwifi 0.9.2 dev -state bug reportnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1015[patch] Atheros AP61(AR2317) board crash fixed.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1023Madwifi driver hangs the 2.4.20-8 linuxnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1030Cannot connect to non-encrypted AP with wpa_supplicant (and Network Manager)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1034OOPS on rm-moding ath_pci after trying to use airodump-ngnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1044Kernel crash in ath_rate/sample/sample.c:834newdefectmajor--madwifi: rate module 'sample'
1045supported rates settingsnewenhancementmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
1061Higher Fixed Transmission Rates Don't Work in 802.11a Monitor Modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1076device loses ability to transmit framesnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1085wep not always working in adhoc modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1088Hostapd with WPA not working - possible IOCTL errornewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1089wifi0: hardware error; resetingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1093IBSS merging with neighbors not always working in ad-hoc modenewdefectmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: 802.11 stack
1095Madwifi-ng, bridging mastermode kernel panicsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1103problem in the Linex driver for NETGEAR RANGEMAX WPN311 802.11 a/b/g wireless PCI cardnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1110modprobe ath_pci hard freeze kernel. Proxim 8482-WD PCI card.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1113wpasupplicant's ap_scan=1 makes madwifi fail on open networksnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1115Using two device, only one detected.newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1117Monitor mode not working if station VAP ever existednewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1118ath_hal problem with arm9 bad instruction and Unknown symbolnewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1121spurious frame reception in monitor modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1125BUG (or KASSERT) failure in ath_setup_stationwepkeynewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1127ieee80211_input.c: dereferencing NULL pointernewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1139client reassoc causes master kernel panic with WPA, bridgingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1146Packet loss on bridgingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1148active scans stop background scans.newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1153two wifi-cards, both should work as Master, but only the first one, which was set "up" is pingablenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1155Suspend fails when not associatednewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1157When wpa_cli tries to reconnect to my ap i get a lot of Disconnect events from time to timenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1159linksys WMP55AG PCI card cannot scan or get an IP address via dhcpnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1160Gigabyte GN-WI01GT not working with svn revision >=1977newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1162[patch] WME autoconfnewenhancementmajor--madwifi: driver
1164more statsnewenhancementmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: driver
1165Setting 802.11 mode (a/b/g) with iwpriv in ad-hoc causes kernel panicnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1171Madwifi and wpa_supplicant (WPA2) don't work (no association is made) - WEP/WPA untestednewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1182Miss match of MAC address in sniffer to that of recv_mgmtnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1186Ad-hoc is not working in 802.11a modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1189no ath/wifi interfaces creatednewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1208Oops while switching from adhoc to managednewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1209Adhoc freezes occasionallynewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1218Error in Power-Save mode handling when in AP modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1233Build problem with Fedora 7newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1258Background scan never ends; continuously in Power Save mode.newdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1268HAL reports bad revision when initializing Atheros MB51H (AR2414) reference boardnewenhancementmajor--madwifi: HAL
1269poor signal strength on DLink DWG-650 wifi PC-Cardnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1281ath_pci (0.9.3) on mips-be platform unable to transmit beacons (or any packet maybe)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1285Card in STA mode stops working after HAL status 3 errornewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1293Ubiquiti SRC will not associate to access points using WEP.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1299errors in building madwifi for PPC target - linux 2.6.10 kernel - gcc 3.4.2newdefectmajor--madwifi: makefiles
1322unable to connect, random connection loss, system freezenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1330D-Link G520 on PPCnewtaskmajor--madwifi: HAL
1339More than one VAP interfaces in STA modenewenhancementmajorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: other
1343Atheros AR5212 has awful reception, trouble holding connectionsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1347Thinkpad R40 - reduced scan results since r2360newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1354AP scan/association fails with madwifi-trunk on MacBookPro2,2newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1361cannot set half/qtr rates with Ubiquity SR4newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1366TCP checksum errors on heavy trafficnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1385wifi%d: unable to attach hardware: 'Hardware self-test failed' (HAL status 14)newdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1404[patch] transmit data dropped during 1 second after roam to new APnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
1405Kernel OOPS on insmod of ath_pci.o on IXP425 (gateworks gw2348)newdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1421madwifi 100% reproducible kernel panic associating a VAP with a wrong wep keynewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1427Raw socket broadcast packets clonednewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1429Radiotap MAC time doesn't point to begin of framenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1430D-Link WNA1330 will not associate (with or without encryption)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1432"ath_rate_sample: no rates for <own mac address here>?" in IBSS modenewdefectmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: driver
1433skb_over_panic with iMediaLinux 5.0.2newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1461hardware error; resettingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1463SR4 driver panic on driver
1464system hang w/ wpa_supplicant on beacon missnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1474Broadcast packets accepted for old BSSIDsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1498transparent wireless bridge locknewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1499NMI watchdog triggerednewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1516Changing rate control on STATION crashes AP, possible DoS on APsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1535High probability lock-up in a pcmcia IRQ sharing configurationnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1537Meraki Mini WiSOC and no DHCP when using WPA/WPA2newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1561Cannot establish a connection between wpa_supplicant+madwifi-ng to hostapd+madwifi-ng with WPA-PSKnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1567Two kernel oops because of madwifi, one random, one when trying to ejectnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1570Compilation error: io{read,write}32 not defined (IXP425 - ARM)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1576Unspecified Panic - High load/throughputnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1585ath0: link is not ready (opensuse 10.3)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1589madwifi- fails to build with 2.6.23 kernelnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1591git sources (git-sources-2.6.23-git7) fails to compile madwifi-ng svnnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1605slow connection with battery mode and tickless timer enablednewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1618Madwifi locks kernel when creating a VAP in ap mode.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1634"Unhandled kernel unaligned access" on 4G cube (MTX-1/AU1500) with custom 2.6 kernelnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1638OS deadlocks when create the third virtual APnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1645ath_pci panic when memory remapping enabled in bios (4Gb RAM)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1656Computer freezes after an unpredictable time under loadnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1678No monitor mode trafficnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1683when fragmentation is ON the STA does not send the packetnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1684Madwifi driver doesn't work with HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1685Unable to send traffic when WEP key has been modified.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1693Kernel oops in ath_sysctl_registernewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1696Hard freeze - intermittent - different cardsreopeneddefectmajormadwifi: other
1698scheduling while atomic in mount.nfs4, followed by panic - only with madwifinewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1708problem with 802.11a mode (kernel panic with v0.9.3.3 and no-function with svn-3077)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1713ubiquiti expresscardnewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
1723Kernel crash on when using station in bridge mode.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1728Ubiquiti SRX Express Card don't work with Madwifinewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1731Paket injection causes system freeze on AMD64newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1755queuing inaccuracy on madwifi drivernewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1757madwifi-dfs, doth_radar , iptraf, kernel oopsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1775Nokia E51 in powersave-mode becomes unusable after a short time with Madwifi as APnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1790AR5418 connections freeze on heavy transfersnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1794Unable to make madwifi for MIPS Architecturenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1800connect problem to madwifi as AP with HW ap as CLIENT ( Compex WPE54AG or TEW-510APB )newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1806Error setting retry parameter on atheros AR5212/5123newdefectmajor--madwifi: tools
1808AR5413 freezes 2.6.24newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1810madwifi 0.9.4 crashnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1814Madwifi 0.9.4 cannot change STA's txpower before STA associates with APnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1818Fragmentation bug in adhoc/ahdemo mode when using WEP encryptionnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1825D-Link DWL-AG530 Hardware version B1 (AR5006X) won't work on MadWifinewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1826No matter what I do, Atheros won't startnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1839with DD-WRT since v24 RC6.2 iwpriv ath0 authmode make kernel panic on la foneranewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1845athstats: short and long on-chip retry counters switched?newdefectmajor--madwifi: tools
1853madwifi-ng-r2756 kernel oopsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1855Kernel panic after enabling WDSnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1869Madwifi fails with Atheros AR5006EG -> 'Hardware didn't respond as expected' (HAL status 3)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1883working by 'firsttimehowto', iwconfig command doesnt list ath0 and wifi0newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1897kernel oopsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1899AR242x : Wifi link very unstable and freeze when ifdown/ifupnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1900clients cannot connect when ap in wep only modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1911madwifi problems with power saving STAsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1912Atheros AR5413 Hardware revision not supportednewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1924kernel panic using minstrelnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1928Problem with carrier sense in 802.11a?newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1939WME priorities in AP mode incorrectnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1944In AP mode ,STA lost linknewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1951Thinkpad R51e with AR5212 and Mandriva 2008 & 2008.1 connection drops randomly without errorsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1957Beacon miss and associated client disconnectnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1981Problem using Routerboard 14 (PCI to 4 mini-PCI adapter) with madwifinewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
1996No beacon on specific frequenciesnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2016wpa_supplicantnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2018ath_ahb crashednewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2026Thinkpad R51e with AR5212 drops out with Mandriva, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, openSUSEnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2029Malformed packets in DHCP challengenewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2046Madwifi crashes Nvidianewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2047AR5416 and the stuck beacon thing...newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2058Full system hang on creation of ap-mode VAPnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2067WDS AP delete causes Oopsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2068PCI TRENDnet TEW-443PI in AP mode doesn't associatenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2070bad link quality when using madwifi drivers for eee pcnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2083madwifi-ng hangs PC during scp on large filenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2102SR5 not working properly with madwifi 0.9.4 r3837newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2109Poor performance with AR5006Xnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2111memory leak caused by sta_flush_table() without freeing se_xxx_ie fieldsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2115new 20080815 hal doesn't correctly set tx power on Ubiquiti XR2newdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
2118Driver appears loaded, however no scan results.newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2122ar5007eg backtracknewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2125The kernel down when I run "ifconfig ath0 up "newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2126Unable to get Transmit Rate for Base using IOCTL - SIOCGIWRATEnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2136Drive HAL in HOSTAP mode for an IBSS VAPnewenhancementmajor--madwifi: HAL
2140Packet's don't go out under high loadnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2142[patch] bug in a management of multiple ssidnewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2173wlanconfig show same data rates for all clientsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2184Cannot swith channel 4 after boot on CM9newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2191Can see available networks with networkmanager in ubuntu but cannot obtain an IP addressnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2202Scan attempts fail after clean compile and install of the drivernewdefectmajor--madwifi: tools
2207Lots of CRC errors, connection dropsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2208WDS: unable to pingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2213AP(master mode)<---> Station(managed mode) packet getting dropped until broadcast comes from the destination PCnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2224enabling txcont breaks AP-STA linknewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2241Madwifi starting from rev3547 works slownewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2248Problem with madwifi-hal- when two virtual interfaces are upnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2250latest package madwifi-hal causes crashes and data corruption on Acer Aspire 150newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2256txpower problem - Senao EMP-3602, 250mWnewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
2264unexpected channel change - just scanning for ap?newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2267NETDEV WATCHDOG: wifi0: transmit timed outnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2272Wrong MAC sent on broadcast data frames after associatingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2279madwifi stops working after reboot!!newdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
2292cwmin and cwmax max valuenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2293Kernel panic on modprobe ath_pci Atheros AR5413 Linux 2.6.28-gentoonewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2298Adhoc mode doesn't receivenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2300multiple definition of 'ieee80211_start_scan'newdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2312Problems with antenna diversitynewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2316Countrycode muddle needs to be normalized / consolidatednewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2319Using madwifi with hostapd for WPA2 access - wifi performance dropped after updating to new svn sourcenewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2320AP interface stops working in latest version.newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2337Kernel panic when bringing up a node in adhoc modenewdefectmajor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
23462x CM9 crash MadWifi in (0.9.4 0.9.4-current ..)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2360hanging on bootingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2362soft lockup: spin lock conflict in madwifi r4100-20090929newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2366Performance problem with madwifi and hostapdnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2379TX Error with madwifinewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2401Madwifi-ng stops to recognise 2 devicesnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2407Madwifi CPE doesnt reply on arp requestsnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2409Madwifi working on hp dv5 Pavilion Series (Atheros 5007)newdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2411System crashed while changing the channel of APnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2416enquiry about the support of latest madwifi driver for Xtensa Architecturenewenhancementmajor--madwifi: driver
2418fragmentation bug: system crashes when sending packet larger than fragment thresholdnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2421How to get EAP-LEAP working with MadWifi and WPA_supplicantnewdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2422madwifi and ath5k drivernewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2441madwifi trunk(r4133) is not working on AR2317(AP5007)newdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
2451[patch] Random madwifi AP crashesnewdefectmajor--madwifi: driver
2473Madwifi on Ar5212 minipci card in client keeps on disconnctingnewdefectmajor--madwifi: HAL
2480Machine hangs with the message "unregister_netdevice :waiting for ath0 to become free =2"newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
2481Madwifi behavior regarding Cell-ID‏newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
447Power management commands using iwconfig not workingnewdefectminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: driver
634Status of XRnewenhancementminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: driver
992Active scanning behavior seems to be not in accordance with IEEE802.11newdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1018[patch] softled: turn on LED when device is up and turn off when down; allow LED allways-on (without blinking)newenhancementminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
1046compilation should not require subversion (svnversion) to be installednewdefectminor--madwifi: makefiles
1086Build failure when combined with gr-securitynewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1109MadWifi trunk/0.9.2 ad-hoc network invisible to Windowsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1154Ad-Hoc mode queueing / latency problemsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1163802.11s mesh in madwifinewtaskminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: other
1178Can't connect at 54Mb/snewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1207wpa-psk association (hostapd) from dcs-6620g problemnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1211set antenna diversity errornewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1220queue application wmenewtaskminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: tools
1223Softled kills RF transmit powernewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1236TXOP and duration fieldnewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1246Proxim 8470-WD, Error: HAL Status 3newdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1276softled broken on hp compaq nc8000newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1288Possibly add loop-breaking to consistency checking when setting channel/modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1289802.11n supportnewenhancementminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1290Turbo and XR can both _apparently_ be set.newdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1292[PATCH] Fix for VFP mismatch on armv4-le-elfnewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1295Madwifi + WPA, Connection drops frequently and fails to reconnect afterwardsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1302VAP: adhoc and ap on the same interface not workingnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1309Failed to compile madwifi-hal- (path issue)newdefectminorversion 0.9.4madwifi: makefiles
1312The atheros firmware does not "completely" discard packets with version field > 0newdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1314proxim 8470-fc txpower updatenewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
1316Can't connect to AP - PowerPC, AR5005GS (AR2414)newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1318diversity should not be dependent upon XRnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1323Short range issue with AR5005Gnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1342Issues w/ mixed 11g/11b modenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1348Madwifi is too restrictive in Denmarknewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1357Wlanconfig report wrong channel numbers for 4.9GHz bandnewdefectminor--madwifi: tools
1358acer aspire 5103wlminewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1363Unable to reach C3/C4 states while wireless is up.newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1391iwconfig athx channelnewtaskminor--madwifi: other
1408ath_pci: (svn r2505) slab warning ...newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1422When the connection is blown off don't report previous rssi nor the AP we are not connected too anymorenewenhancementminorversion 0.9.4madwifi: driver
1424The bitrate get stuck at 12M when the station switch from AP working on half/quarter channel to full onenewenhancementminorversion 0.9.4madwifi: driver
1441Dynamic ACK Timeoutnewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
1443Unable to set the bitrate in turbo mode after recreating the interfacenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1444802.11n PHY Supportnewenhancementminor--madwifi: driver
1466sta mode disconnectnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1489txpower and hal issuenewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1500Madwifi can't find some access pointsnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1501Hardware Support: WiSoC 2313newenhancementminor--madwifi: HAL
1502Madwifi not working with kernels since 2.6.19 with Netgear WG511T (AR5212)newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1507Deauthentication frames and promiscuous modenewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1509Unable to get an Xbox 360 official wireless adapter to connect to a madwifi APnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1514Contention-free period (CFP) and Point Coordination-function (PCF)newenhancementminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: other
1515Time stamp counter is imprecisenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1521Setting non-11a rates fails to set further valid 11a ratesnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1530kernel panic with two wireless cardsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1533setting mode no longer works after setting frequency in AP modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1534bridges go into disabled mode frequently in WDS mode when traffic volume is highnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1548Kernel panic - not syncing: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1562Unable to reset the hardwarenewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1569ACK frame have 2 missing bytes at the end (monitor mode)newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1586Problem with MadWifi and (?) Reiser4reopeneddefectminor--madwifi: driver
1588kernel bug in fs/bio.c when trying to hibernate after using ath_pcinewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1596DWL-G520 Performancesnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1603WPA failure and readreg/writereg system lockupnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1612Ethernet Controller (Atheros) installed, but iwconfig lists no ath0?newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1622Compile error with MadWifi and kernel other
1635WDS nodes are deleted after timeoutnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1647madwifi-dfs: Unable to associate to a Symbol 5131-AP with 802.11hnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1648No bssid validation in ADHOC modenewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1658false/ridiculous Qualitiy values with "iwlist athX scan"newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1669Patch for supporting dynamic turbo channels in 802.11g modenewenhancementminor--madwifi: driver
1676Atheros AR5006EG behaves very erraticallynewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1687Extend the 80211stats with the information about reason code from last received deauth, disassoc and auth (on failure) framesnewdefectminorversion 0.9.4madwifi: 802.11 stack
1688WDS does not work correctlynewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1694Kernel panic when trying to use madwifi with the IFBnewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1697[patch] Tweaks to madwifi-trace to install correctly on Mandriva 2008.0newenhancementminor--madwifi: makefiles
1699VAP with WEP and athraw or monitor mode decrypt packetsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1704No packets and kernel load 100%newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1706When using Madwifi in Reapeater mode you are unable to change the mode from 11bnewdefectminor--madwifi: tools
1711Netgear WG511T (AR5212) not working for kernels past 2.6.18newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1724"received packet with own address as source address" should not be displayed for bridgesnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1734[patch] building Madwifi on Thecus N2100newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1736Association problem with 802.11a hidden/non broadcasted APsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1740Huge invalid nwid, no DHCP.newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1765System Hang on Custom PCI Corenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1782no association with wpa_supplicant on weak signal-strengthnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1785DHCP not working when using WEP encryption.newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1789madwifi-ng fails to send 'connect' signal in timenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1801Madwifi AP with a Atheros AR5416 (AR5008) Chipnewenhancementminor--madwifi: driver
1807Support for retry configurationnewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
1817madwifi does not work with -Dwext for me, just with -Dmadwifinewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1835Card stops working and ksoftirqd_CPU0 uses all CPUnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1836AR5212 HAL status 13 (svn r3367)newdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1837memory leak of madwifi svn r3349newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1849Kernel Crash Atheros 5212 (ifconfig)newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1850madwifi doesn't enable the LEDs on _some_ AR5416 chipsnewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
1859error in command-line parsing in ./tools/athstats.cnewdefectminor--madwifi: tools
1862Card will not connect to wireless router unless wireless router is rebooted, connection lasts 6 hoursnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1871WME classification error in ad-hoc (IBSS) modenewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
1886Amplitude and Phase of Received Signalnewtaskminor--madwifi: other
1887Why the default txpower is 9dBmnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1891AP: iwconfig ath0 channel 5 results in no more beaconsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1916D-Link DWL-AG530 A6 not workingnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1931Incoming byte count shown bad - MIPS-EL (OpenWRT)newdefectminor--madwifi: other
1940wds 1, STA does not look at receiver address of DStoDS packetnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1943sk_buff->hard_header_len contains wrong LLC header sizenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1945madwifi can't receive an action frame except in a monitor modenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1953Lots of missed beacons on 5ghznewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1954madwifi doesn't cooperate with xsupplicantnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1955creation of monitor mode VAP prevents pinging AP VAPnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1964Diversity sysctl interface doesn't allow selection of 0th antennanewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1966TXFeedback doesn't work on Versions newer than madwifi-0.9.1newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1975Please allow CC override of default compilernewdefectminor--madwifi: makefiles
1984strange: can only connect WPA2 with rates <=18Mnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
1985Full mcast queuenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2002DD-WRT HAL in MadWIFI?newenhancementminor--madwifi: HAL
2004wpa_supplicant -Dwext does not connect to hostapdnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2005Kernel panicnewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2019multiple VAP's: mastermode, stationmode - master VAP stops working when station mode VAP is disconnectednewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2020Build fails on Debian PPC, linux-2.6.18newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2028iwpriv ath0 turbo freezenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2032D-Link DWL-G510 rev. B1 (H/W Ver. B1 F/W Ver. 4.10) Atheros AR5005 bad work, dont work Ad-Hocnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2037Hardware Support: AR9001newenhancementminor--madwifi: other
2043Speed cut to 1/3 between svn3401 and svn3545newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2049kernel 2.4: simple iwconfig show oopsnewdefectminorversion 0.9.5madwifi: HAL
2050Save memory on vap ptrtable mallocnewenhancementminor--madwifi: HAL
2053Turbo Channel Search brokennewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
2057[patch] Cleanup of Makefiles (module file install location + remove extraneous path slashes)newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2064Quick disconnects and reconnects randomly and after lots of them it won't reconnect anymorenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2076Kernel errors when module is loading....newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2078oops with svn 20080729 on Linux x86newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2080Problem seeing Linksys WRT54GSv5 AP with D-Link DWL-G650 rev. C1 with MadWifi 0.9.4newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2086SIGSEGV on rmmod ath5knewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2090negative txpower allowed to be entered, causes weird readoutsnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2091ssh session hangsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2093madwifi prevents creation of WDS connection when max virtual APs existnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2107Packet flow stops on monitor mode, when fixed ratenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2114USB wifi supportnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2117AR5007EGnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2119Cannot get working turbo modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2121RTS CTS IN 802.11Gnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2123Problem with wlanapi.dll after installation of Window service Pack 3newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2128Fix bursted-rx oops during resetnewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2143Strange freeze when moving laptop and/or lots of ESSID/BSSIDs in listnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2150Driver does not load on Sony Vaio VGN-FW139Enewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2156changing regdomain on AR242xnewenhancementminor--madwifi: documentation
2159madwifi-ng-0.9.4 does not builds with 2.6.27 kernelnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2169Z-Com AG-623C freezes hardnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2170AR5212 not working with Ubuntu 8.10 and Mandriva 2008 on R512 Thinkpadnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2172txpower cannot be configured higher than 15dBmnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2180Txpower is limited when I'm using two cards (2,4GHz and 5,8GHZ) at same time.newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2181imperfect wi fi signal detectionnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2186Atheros AR5418 - not able to activate the card (rfkill not working)newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2195when tcpdump sniffers on ath0, significant traffic loss in TX is seen during high load.newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2201Spelling errornewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2211Broadcast frames lost at the sender?newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2220Madwifi 0.9.4 & kernel 2.6.28newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2223Problem with ath0(STA with WEP key) + ath1(monitor) = Capture Errorsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2225madwifi on WG311T only operates when set to 802.11b modenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2226athstats: incorrect handling of optionsnewdefectminor--madwifi: tools
2230softled = 1 causes packet loss on AR5005G/2413newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2237Advertise IW_SCAN_CAPA_ESSID in scan capabilitiesnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2245dtim count errornewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2255fragment bug when use qos send skbnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2257Latest trunk fails to build with IEEE80211_DEBUG_REFCNT enablednewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2268Hard lockup when connecting and disconnecting from ad-hoc networksnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2270Supported chipsetsnewenhancementminor--madwifi: documentation
2274ieee80211_print_essid and IEEE80211_DEBUGnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2275Readme URL updatesnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2281AR5009newenhancementminor--madwifi: other
2284madwifi-0.9.4.x branch on gcc44/ the frame size of 1288 bytes is larger than 1024 bytesnewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2287connection is lost for 5-10 seconds about every minutenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2294[patch] Allow madwifi drivers release 0.9.4 to compile against kernel release 2.6.29newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2297NETDEV WATCHDOG: wifi0 (ath_pci): transmit timed outnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2302patch-kernel/ failsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
23071a32:0303 not supportednewtaskminor--madwifi: driver
2308How to install ar5006x driver in redhatnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2318Two CM9 devices are causing madwifi 0.9.4 to crashnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2321[patch] support AG-623CN cardnewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
2323Memory leak ifconfig down / upnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2325[patch]memory leak when AP scan or STA scannewdefectminor--madwifi: 802.11 stack
2326Setting channel at startup using iwconfig failsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2329kernel oops with p2p traffic for 0.9.4newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2330ath5k: kernel oops for madwifi 0.9.4newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2335irq request problem when multiple wifi interfaces share IRQ linenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2342MADWIFI TSFT field does not increase linearynewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
2343compiling madwifi with HAL_DEBUG=1 failsnewdefectminor--madwifi: HAL
2344wrong default SIFS setting for quarter/half bandwidth in 802.11a modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2345delete timer when beacon calibration is disablednewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2348ar5001x+ status 3newdefectminor--madwifi: other
23512.6.31 + madwifi no connectsnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
23522.6.31 + madwifi no connectsnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2361installing madwifi on OpenSuSE 11.2newtaskminor--madwifi: other
2367Build Error with v2.6.33-rc1 kernel and madwifi-hal- driver
2376PPPoE session through bridge with Fast Frame Enabled on WiFi Linksnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2378Multi Channel Medium Access Control Protocols for Programmable Wireless Networksnewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
2384iwpriv ath0 cwmin/ cwmax/ txoplimit/ aifs/ can not storenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2389DWA-547 (AR5416), comuter is freeze after some timenewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2391[patch] Add support for ar9285 to ath_halnewenhancementminor--madwifi: HAL
2392Wistron DCMA-82 (AR5413) isn't recognizednewenhancementminor--madwifi: driver
23932 Cards with AR5413 are reconnecting every minutenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2395wds bridge :client can not ping each other sucessfullynewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2396wds bridge :client can not ping each other sucessfullynewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2397wds bridge :clients can not ping each other sucessfullynewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2402MADWIFI including svn r4128 won't compile in Linux driver
2403Slow performance of MADWIFI driver over the past 6 monthsnewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2404Unexpected sensitivity dropsnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2405SSID characters above 127newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2408make error building against 2.6.35-rc1 with madwifi-hal- driver
2412make errors - CentOS 5 x64 with kernel 2.6.18-194.el5-x86_64newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2415Please include Hinternet support/modenewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
2423AR5001 or AR5007EG, install problemnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2424Error 1 during install madwifi drivernewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2439Why change channel using iwconfig will also change the mode?newdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2444madwifi (trunk) AP61 wisoc support !newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2445AR2413 hangs kernel when switching channels, operating in autocreate=ap modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2446AR2413 hangs kernel when switching channels, operating in autocreate=ap modenewdefectminor--madwifi: driver
2449Where is the implementation of internal virtual collisions of AC in STA?newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2450wlanconfig athX list scan truncates long ESSIDsnewenhancementminor--madwifi: other
2462madwifi problem when try to change channelnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2463doesn't integrate driver into kernel 2.6.39newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2466Association Lost after I set up bridge..newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2467enabled RTS/CTS on madwifi doesn't work for all data frame transmission?newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2478confirming ASUS 244LC to isolating Pin 13 topic - IT FINALLY WORKS!newdefectminor--madwifi: other
2479Madwifi does not compile because of ndo_set_multicast_listnewdefectminor--madwifi: other
2482Machines hangs when use madwifinewdefectminor--madwifi: other
1002IBM ThinkPad T42 "lamp"newenhancementtrivial--madwifi: other
1262Error compiling 2.6.18-4 kernel with Atheros support built-inreopeneddefecttrivial--madwifi: other
1403Dubious INACT value returned by wlanconfignewdefecttrivial--madwifi: tools
1503athstats outputs last ack / last rcv RSSI in unsigned form.newdefecttrivial--madwifi: tools
1763Support for 802.11n with Device ID 168C:0027newtasktrivial--madwifi: other
1815BUG warning with older kernelsnewdefecttrivial--madwifi: driver
1894MadWifi does not compile against kernel 2.6.25-02519-g3925e6fnewdefecttrivial--madwifi: other
1930Sent 0 packetsnewdefecttrivial--madwifi: tools
282loading module ath_pci on a ultra sparc 5 freezes the systemnewdefectcriticalmadwifi: driver
182panic: ath0=ap + ath1=sta ==> soggy cornflakesnewdefectmajorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
201madwifi-ng fails to work after suspend/resumenewdefectmajorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
306madwifi-ng + chipset 5211 not setting txpower, but madwifi-old/r1417 works fine(Can't set txpower by iwconfig command)newdefectmajormadwifi: other
404MLME-Replayfailure problem with wpa_supplicant; with possible workaroundnewdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
407bridged mode wont workreopeneddefectmajormadwifi: other
433freq and channel settings don't "stick"newdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
493Unable to handle kernel paging request for madwifi-ng on sparc64 smpnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: HAL
508Setting TXpower Issuesnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
531another txpower problemnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
561slow throughputnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
572madwifi-ng mode changes modification (iwpriv XX mode YY) and (iwconfig XX channel YY) / (iwconfig XX freq YY)newdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
581hiccups in ad-hoc mode - connection works again for a while after performing iwlist scannewdefectmajormadwifi: other
593Kernel Oops after "ifconfig ath0 up"newdefectmajormadwifi: driver
607madwifi corrupts framesnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
612[patch] Fix channel switch while in monitor mode.newdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: 802.11 stack
616AP stops sending Beacons...reopeneddefectmajormadwifi: driver
617Wireless packets disappear probably at the receivernewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
618WPA-PSK (AP mode) does not work with Pocket PC clientreopeneddefectmajormadwifi: other
647DFS and TPCnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
649wds problemwith latest madwifi-ngnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
656mipsel kernel oops on "ifconfig up"newdefectmajormadwifi: HAL
663Unspecified connection packet loss, dropping, etc. problemsnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
674Bridging ath0 interface create packet lossnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
678Radar Detection does not worknewdefectmajormadwifi: HAL
740Resume in STA mode should cause scan results to be clearednewdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
745can associate, can't get IP address from dhcpnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
799EMP 8602 mini-pci card HAL Status 3newdefectmajormadwifi: driver
808AR5006X gives HAL status 14.newdefectmajormadwifi: other
810wlanconfig: ioctl: Input/output errorreopeneddefectmajormadwifi: other
819System freezes after few roamingsnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
840Problem with madwifi-ng in powerbook G4newdefectmajormadwifi: other
843four extra bytes between 802.11 and LLC headers in frames recv'd by AR5006EXSnewdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
844Enabling WPA/WPA2 countermeasures hangs systemnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
847Madwifi on Ubuntu going terribly wrongnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
848Beacon misses cause client to reassociatenewdefectmajorversion 0.9.4madwifi: 802.11 stack
872ubiquiti sr9 28db txpower settingnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
886HAL oopses or throws AHB PROC interrupts on WiSOC platformsreopeneddefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
894Connection stops after 3 seconds. ath_rate_sample: no rates for ...newdefectmajormadwifi: other
900HAL_INT_MIB is never cleared in ath_intr()newdefectmajormadwifi: HAL
926Kismet does not capture with Atherosreopeneddefectmajormadwifi: other
936txpower falls back to 8 every x minutesnewdefectmajormadwifi: other
942immidiate disconnection on scan request (using wpa_supplicant)newdefectmajormadwifi: driver
943dwl-g520 not supportednewdefectmajormadwifi: other
961AR5006EG, madwifi associating only oncenewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
962[patch] stale keycache indexes causing usage of incorrect node pointersnewdefectmajorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
973ThinkPad Z60t: moving from r1543 to r1757 madwifi stops working at allnewdefectmajormadwifi: driver
979fix IBSS mode in dadwifi branchnewtaskmajordadwifi
983Atheros SOC support (if_ath_ahb) needs to be ported to dadwifinewtaskmajordadwifi
984ath rate control algorithms needed for dadwifinewtaskmajordadwifi
988crypto regression tests should be ported to d80211 stacknewtaskmajordadwifi
1081Poor performance with AR5212 and madwifi-ng current (10 january 2007)newdefectmajor--madwifi: other
1306Kernel Panic in ADHOC mode with WEP enablednewdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
176Evaluate use of 'iwconfig athX mode Y' to change a VAP's mode of operationnewenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
198Hardware Support: AR5006XSnewenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: HAL
202Add support for piggybacking "per packet statistics" at the end of ethernet frames.newenhancementminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: 802.11 stack
278[patch] Allow filtering of traffic between AP clientsnewenhancementminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
297Check: rejection of ESSID 'ANY'?newtaskminormadwifi: driver
304MadWIFI ng-Trunk: Atheros 5212 Not running at 108mbpsnewdefectminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
322Promiscuous brokennewdefectminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: other
373printk consistencynewtaskminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
393Txpower malfunctionnewdefectminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
399ioctl documentation needednewtaskminormadwifi: other
446VLAN Tagging supportnewenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: 802.11 stack
488AP with mixed mode and automatic ratenewdefectminormadwifi: driver
495wpa_supplicant on DWL-G650: "SIOCGIWRANGE: too old (short) data - assuming WPA is not supported"newtaskminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
553"iwconfig ath0 retry 0" broken - [incorporate injection patch from aircrack-ng]newenhancementminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
631possibility to list/view ACL of MAC adresses either in proc entry or by some iwpriv commandreopenedenhancementminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
706Disable Radio by Softwarenewenhancementminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
723no private ioctls.newdefectminormadwifi: other
773Samplerate algorithm does not take in account the AC to compute the transmission timenewenhancementminorversion 2.0.0 - far awaymadwifi: rate module 'sample'
804master and station on wifi0 coexistance issuenewdefectminormadwifi: other
850ATH_SUPERG_COMP not enabled by defaultnewenhancementminormadwifi: driver
941Amateur Radio channels / HALnewenhancementminormadwifi: HAL
944ToS bits are incorrectly mapped to IEEE 802.11e QoS in v0.9.2newdefectminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: other
951cwmin for best effort trafficnewdefectminormadwifi: driver
975iwconfig 'Rx invalid crypt' not updated for HW crypt errorsnewdefectminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: driver
980Channel fixed, but STA VAPs still scannewdefectminorversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: other
1013add support for staggered beaconsnewtaskminordadwifi
1036Document and explain possible error messagesnewenhancementminormadwifi: documentation
1232Avoiding greater range of weak WEP IVsnewtaskminorversion 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phasemadwifi: driver
1901Kernel version not recognizednewdefectminormadwifi: other
103[idea] wlanconfig enhancement for wdsnewenhancementtrivialversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: tools
324Update documentation: iwpriv "roaming" => "hostroaming"newtasktrivialmadwifi: documentation
486document ack bitrate sysctl'snewtasktrivialversion 1.0.0 - first stable releasemadwifi: documentation
868problem with association of some devices - Trendnet TEW510APB all similarnewtasktrivialmadwifi: 802.11 stack
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