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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
74module unstable on x86_64dyqithdefectcriticalmadwifi: drivertrunk
214Kernel panic with madwifi-ng checkout 1349, kernel 2.6.14svensdefectcriticalmadwifi: drivertrunk
273new hal looks to have broke compatability with dwl-g650 pcmcia carddefectcriticalmadwifi: HALtrunk
28Hostapd (accesspoint) doesn't without harware crypto support. Driver problem.defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
41TX power drops after short time of operationdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
56Linux Error inserting ath_pcidefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
70madwifi-ng no longer works with NetworkManagermrenzmanndefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
72AR5214 Atheros 5006XS Supportenhancementmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
76Update UserDocs so that they're all current with madwifi-ng.mattdefectmajormadwifi: documentationtrunk
782.6.14defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stack
80sles9 compile time error using fixed build stringdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
95Write a (very) newbie howto.mattenhancementmajormadwifi: documentation
106False report of "stuck beacon" when setting up WDS linkdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
107driver not reporting Scan Completed wireless eventdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
111DFS should stay in outdoor/indoor banddefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
119WDS: Kernel Panic on ifconfig upbr1defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
120countrycode problem since new HAL ( HALtrunk
122bg scan not background enoughdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
128catpure tx packets in monitor mode vapsjbicketenhancementmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
146Mode change during active scan causes infinite loopdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
156ath_hal_procdfs() causing 100%cpu usage and killing userspace when using ETSI 5ghz band with DFSdefectmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
160Kenerl Panic when Setting WDS with WEP encrptiondefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
166client-mode bridge problemsdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
184Cisco AP and madwifi-ng STA don't like each otherdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
190madwifi-ng wlanconfig crashes while listing frequencies and other issuesdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
195Bug in ath_vap_delete (after suspend)svensdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
204madwifi turbo mod ein europe. cant configdefectmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
205madwifi driver doesn't work well with NetworkManagermrenzmanndefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
251HAL 13 on coldplugged DWL-G630defectmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
296ARCH/TARGET determination is not reliableproskidefectmajormadwifi: makefilestrunk
330Kernel panics when turbo and XR are enabled.defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
347Kernel Panic with madwifi-ng-r1416 and Bridge, ip_filter support enabled.defectmajormadwifi: driver
358High system load on fast transfers, AMD64defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
375creating a monitor interface breaks WME associations to AP.jbicketdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
378Kernel oops after mode setting with iwprivdyqithdefectmajormadwifi: rate module 'sample'trunk
396where is the CLI ?defectmajormadwifi: documentationtrunk
416HAL supported archs & scripts/get_arch_target.shenhancementmajormadwifi: makefilestrunk
431bug in ath_rx_capture incorrectly removes data padanonymousdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
432ath_rate_setupxtxdesc doesn't include frame lengthjbicketdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
444Madwifi does not work with NetworkManager and WPAmrenzmannenhancementmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
483Bridging Ethernet Wireless Troubledefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
494suspend does not work when there are VAPsdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
507Throughput drops when a station or ad-hoc client is set into promiscuous mode--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
661WPA cannot use (version r1506)devdefectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.0
1384Add linker argument --no-warn-mismatch for ARM EABI kernels where OABI kernel flag is setmtaylordefectmajormadwifi: makefilestrunk
55Do not source when building the toolsdefectminormadwifi: toolstrunk
66Revision printout when loading the modulesmrenzmannenhancementminormadwifi: othertrunk
90Kismet fails to work with latest CVS (31/10/05) version of madwifidefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
92iwlist event doesn't show supported eventsdefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
96ath/if_ath.c: Incorrect use of dev->namedefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
98Default ath_rate module, onoe or sample?defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
104wlanconfig doesn't fail on incomplete parameter listdefectminormadwifi: toolstrunk
115wlanconfig should report signal levels in dBmdefectminormadwifi: toolstrunk
125patches/2.6 does not workdefectminormadwifi: othertrunk script executed with "sh"defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
132Only one WPA/RSN IE reported with mixed mode (WPA+WPA2) APsdefectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
137Question free install.kelmoenhancementminormadwifi: othertrunk
144Sanity checking still lackingenhancementminormadwifi: othertrunk
153Softled does not workmrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
157Need a software floating-point HAL for ARMenhancementminormadwifi: HALtrunk
159tools/Makefile wasn't setting -Wall; there are lots of warnings in the toolsmrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: toolstrunk
168Madwifi incorrectly handles multicast packetsdefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
173when changing mac of dwl-g520, interface no longer receives packetsdefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
200Log messages should contain module namedefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
208TXRATE can't fixdefectminormadwifi: rate module 'onoe'trunk
210multi ssid / more then one channeldefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
217iwlist ath0 chan always shows all channels and not the ones from the selected modedefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
254iwconfig ath* mode x / iwpriv ath* mode x failure.dyqithdefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
259padding packets in madwifi , WDS featue in AP mode .mrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
293[patch] Makefile goals all and install aren't independentdefectminormadwifi: makefilestrunk
311When AP and STA mode share device STA mode controls channel changes to follow master APdefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
350svn update : ath_hal does not get up to date (was version 1418 : HAL ABI mismatch (where previous versions work))--defectminormadwifi: makefilestrunk
361creating and using the "raw" devicedefectminormadwifi: documentationtrunk
412can't make TCP connections, but ICMP works when MAC is changedmrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
415Update documentation regarding monitor mode VAPs and rawdevkelmotaskminormadwifi: documentationtrunk
448[patch] Fill in missing radiotap header contents for channel informationmrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
474Constant ath0: hardware error; ressetting after kernel upgarde to 2.6.15-1.1833defectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
489AP with mixed mode and automatic ratedefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
519Consider /proc/config.gzenhancementminormadwifi: othertrunk
1380Port ALQ module to madwifi from freebsd sourcesmtaylorenhancementminormadwifi: othertrunk
1381enhancement - Fix register dump - support more chips and grouping of registersmtaylordefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1382enhancement - add support for register watch listmtaylordefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1383enhancement - add additional register decodes to reverse engineering modemtaylorenhancementminormadwifi: drivertrunk
44logical order of arguments to wlanconfig enhancementtrivialmadwifi: toolstrunk
64Copyright files are out of date => Copyright (c) 2002-2004tasktrivialmadwifi: othertrunk
71Make install should put the man pages in /usr/local/manenhancementtrivialmadwifi: toolstrunk
93add iwspy supportmrenzmannenhancementtrivialmadwifi: drivertrunk
121Update tools manpages for differences in the new codebase.kelmoenhancementtrivialmadwifi: documentationtrunk
141Split compile/install process for modules and toolsmrenzmannenhancementtrivialmadwifi: makefilestrunk
142Toplevel Makefile has obsolete cvs commands and should define tools like other variablesenhancementtrivialmadwifi: makefilestrunk
155small typo in wlanconfig manpage?defecttrivialmadwifi: documentation
223wlanconfig gives no error when trying to destroy no devicedefecttrivialmadwifi: toolstrunk
226Extend sanity checksmrenzmannenhancementtrivialmadwifi: makefilestrunk
329wlanconfig should mention athX instead of wlanX to keep in line with docsenhancementtrivialmadwifi: toolstrunk
435[PATCH] updated tools usage and man pageskelmoenhancementtrivialmadwifi: toolstrunk
436support for sonicwall and other weird pci idmrenzmannenhancementtrivialmadwifi: drivertrunk
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