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1475Client changing to restricted authentication causes kernel panicmentordefectblockermadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
907Node locking and managment hash-upmentortaskcriticalmadwifi: 802.11 stack
1017"rx FIFO overrun" prevents traffic from flowing--defectcriticalmadwifi: drivertrunk
1192Hardware Support: AR5007* (AR2425 chips)proskienhancementcriticalmadwifi: HALtrunk
1195cp in Makefile install target can break system--defectcriticalmadwifi: makefiles
1224"modprobe -r ath_pci" hangs since revision 2217--defectcriticalmadwifi: othertrunk
1261Kernel oops: crashes under high load--defectcriticalmadwifi: driverv0.9.3
1270Beacon Interval may be zero; it is used as a divisor--defectcriticalmadwifi: drivertrunk
1334ieee80211_ioctl_getwmmparams local kernel DoSmrenzmanndefectcriticalmadwifi: 802.11 stackv0.9.3
1370[patch] Protect ath_sysctl_halparam with ATH_LOCK and make ATH_LOCK disable IRQmtaylordefectcriticalmadwifi: othertrunk
1399Complete system freeze with AR5212 on X86-64--defectcriticalmadwifi: othertrunk
1621Kernel oopses in ath_draintxq, and other ath_node unreferences due to refcount bugmtaylordefectcriticalmadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1927Monitor mode packet injection broken starting in svn r3481--defectcriticalmadwifi: drivertrunk
1941Memory Leak on svn r3426--defectcriticalmadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
336compilation error from ah_osdep.h, compiled for linux 2.4.24, xscale-ixp425, big endian.defectmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
342R 1416 on XScale LE Oops kernel with 2.6.15 on modprobe ath_pcidefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
364Check if requested module is loadedenhancementmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
539HostAPd: ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Invalid argument ERRORdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
835Kernel Oops after recreating VAPdefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stackv0.9.2
891Problem with MADWiFi on PowerPCdefectmajormadwifi: other
930adjust madwifi for WE21, which no longer reports SSID length + 1enhancementmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
965[patch] dynamic Beacon Interval (enhancement for STA mode)enhancementmajormadwifi: otherv0.9.2
977New version of D-Link DWL-AG660 H/W Ver B3 (AR5006X) do not see net packets in monitor mode after some time of workdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
994Crash after 'ifconfig ath0 up' on a mips1-be--defectmajormadwifi: HALv0.9.2
1001HAL does not support new Atheros chipID 0x0024 (rev 01) on new Macbook Promrenzmannenhancementmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
1020Check for NULL pointer dereferencing--taskmajormadwifi: other
1033Ad-hoc mode beacons are not transmitted for a while after a merge with another network.--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.2
1049Kernel oops during scan timer (XScale IXP425 BE)--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1054SCAN and RUN can't happen at the same time--defectmajormadwifi: otherv0.9.2.1
1057Beacon miss handling starts only after many seconds--defectmajormadwifi: otherv0.9.2
1064kernel oops under xscale BE 2.4.x rev > madwifi-ng-r1885--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1068Sample rate module causes crash in calc_usecs_unicast_package when changing channel on IXP425 platform--defectmajormadwifi: rate module 'sample'trunk
1069Function ieee80211_node_saveq_drain causes crash on IXP420 platform on station reassociation--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1070Function _ieee80211_free_node causes crash on IXP425 platform on station reassociation and driver reinit--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1071Function ieee80211_input sometimes crashes on IXP425 platform on driver reinit--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1072On IXP425 madwifi driver sometimes crashes in ath_hardstart function when calling ath_ffstageq_flush--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1073Function ath_node_free sometimes crashes on IXP425 platform--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1074Function ath_txcapture sometimes crashes the driver on IXP425 platform/--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1078Corrupted vap pointer causes crash in ieee80211_hardstart function--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1099Crash on x86_64 SMP--defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1188Can connect to the AP, but network doensn't work.--defectmajormadwifi: otherv0.9.2.1
1200ioctl_setmlme / freed lock related kernel crash--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.2.1
1213[patch] fast frame corruption--defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1214Crash when bringing up ath0 in monitor mode--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1239Soft lockupdefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1252software lockup/ kernel oops on recent svn revicions--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1272Page allocation failure on low memory systems--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1280Bitfield endianess not handled correctlyproskidefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1310Unable to compile madwifi on sparc64--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1325crash in ath_hal with HAL on SMP machine--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1329Locking Hashup (2?) - Contend against the same contextsmentordefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1332adhoc mode freeze under linux--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1344Xtended Range elements are incorrectly filled--defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stackv0.9.3.1
1368random master mode freeze at high trafficdyqithdefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1388Channel change behavior is wrong for AP modemtaylordefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1397Per buffer TSFenhancementmajormadwifi: other
1436Continuous lockups using SVN 2568 and kernel 2.6.22--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1442[patch] rxantenna value is reset after suspend/resume--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1473Patched into kernel - compile error in ath_hal/ah_os.c:560--defectmajormadwifi: HALtrunk
1477[patch] A skb_over_panic fix--defectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1487Spin lock conflict causing kernal panic after 1d+ of heavy use--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.1
1495kernel oops when in bridging ath0 to eth0--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.1
1505Oops on module load - sysfs_create_groupmentordefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1554AR5418 & svn 2707 unable to aquire DHCP address--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1581Interface locks up for several minutes after heavy traffic : ath_mgtstart: discard, no xmit buf--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1600Oops (NULL-pointer dereference) on linux-2.6.23-git15 and madwifi-r2781--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1660Kernel panic when injecting with r2839 and up--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1682VAP Memory leak on ifconfig up/downmtaylordefectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.3
1702Changeset 2798 causes ioctls to fail--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1726kernel panic when using wpa_supp AND hostapd/another wpa_supp in a bridge--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.3
1738Crash on high load--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1756Run time errors/crashes with 2.6.24--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.3
1819panic with new stable 0.9.4 and Ubiquiti SR2--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.4
1906Trunk (r3556-20080421) won't compile under kernel 2.4--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1922Network connection hangs with r3548mentordefectmajormadwifi: driver
1932Trunk (r3620) does not compile for kernel 2.4proskidefectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1933[patch] off by one error - fast frame buffer address incorrect--defectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1934Cannot compile from SVN 3403--defectmajormadwifi: othertrunk
2066iwconfig athX channel X, fail?--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.4
467Missing of internal authenticator for HostAP modetaskminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
889sylogs show error: ath_xr_rate_setup: rate table too small (13 > 15)mtaylordefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
952madwifi 0.9.2 iwlist scan shows much fewer APs than wlanconfig list scan. Fixed in current svndefectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.2
1187Setting tx power on highest value is ignoredmrenzmanndefectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1313Smarter selection of tx antenna for multicast framesscottrenhancementminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1336[patch] Usability improvement to athdebug and 80211debugmtaylorenhancementminormadwifi: toolstrunk
1337[patch] Optional improved stack traces and compiler support for HAL invocationsmtaylorenhancementminormadwifi: HALtrunk
1338[patch] IEEE80211_TXPOWER_MAX constant is wrongmtaylordefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1340[patch] Reverse engineering support commandsmtaylorenhancementminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1362patch: gcc-2.95 compile errors--defectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.3.1
1369unstable behavior of trunk on mipsel platform - RB532 and similar--defectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1371Add locking in ath_hal_apimtaylordefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1396_ath_hal_attach leaks ath_hal struct on fail pathmickflemmdefectminormadwifi-old-openhalmadwifi-old-openhal branch
1406r2471 breaks association with (at least) Cisco 1100--defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1423r2486 breaks SUPERG_FF=0 compilation--defectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1428ath_hardstart returns 0 even if queue is full--defectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1431madwifi-ng-r2537-20070704 compilation error (arm xscale be ixp425 toolchain "snapgear")--defectminormadwifi: other
1437No scan results - IXP425, SnapGear 2.4--defectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.3.1
1445System freeze - BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!--defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1470compilation error when AHB chosen as BUS instead of PCI--defectminormadwifi: driverv0.9.3.1
1476[patch] compile fix for (at least) linux 2.6.23-rc1-git10--defectminormadwifi: other
1494kernel panic upon dhclient usage with some router (occurs also with some other commands)--defectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.3.1
1506NULL pointer reference with iwspy--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1543latest net80211/ieee80211_input.c to rev 2704 breaks MacBook wirelessmentordefectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1563memory leak between 3 (and more?) ad-hoc--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stack
1578[patch] node leak causing iwconfig/wlanconfig not show rssi in wds mode--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1595reference count bug in _node_table_join function--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1700[patch] update trans_start of a vap--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stackv0.9.3.3
1783[patch] build failure on xscale little endian due to changeset 2933proskidefectminormadwifi: other
1787Problem compiling trunk version of madwifi in kernel 2.4--defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1864ath_rate_amrr and ath_rate_onoe use conflicting sysctl pathsproskidefectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.4
1875the latest snv madwifi-ng does not compile--defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1895r3556 recent changes to if_ath.c breaks compile on amd64 machinebenoitdefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
1904Monitor mode only works for a few minutes.--defectminormadwifi: otherv0.9.4
1914r3574 does not compile against 2.6.25-05309-gcb90a2c--enhancementminormadwifi: makefilestrunk
1926Error with Andrew Morton patchset (2.6.25-mm1)--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1989Trunk builds fail--defectminormadwifi: other
1992Maybe wrong calculation of curRate--defectminormadwifi: 802.11 stackv0.9.4
1999[patch] error: format not a string literal and no format arguments--defectminormadwifi: othertrunk
2022compilation error - trunk 2008-07-01--defectminormadwifi: drivertrunk
1053procfs sample rate statistics - trivial improvements--enhancementtrivialmadwifi: rate module 'sample'trunk
1284[patch] Support for per-packet tpc modparammtaylorenhancementtrivialmadwifi: otherv0.9.3
1308[patch] make madwifi compile on linux later than 2.6.21--enhancementtrivialmadwifi: drivertrunk
1973Makefile(s) should clean modules.order kbuild product at clean timeenhancementtrivialmadwifi: makefilestrunk
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