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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
1848Madwifi kernel panic under Fedora kernel--defectcriticalmadwifi: driverv0.9.3.3
241Hostapd + RSN brokendefectmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
972Need sysfs attribute for 'adminstratively created' interfaces--enhancementmajormadwifi: 802.11 stacktrunk
1222Minstrel rate control moduleenhancementmajormadwifi: othertrunk
1315[patch] make madwifi compile with 2.6.22-rc1--defectmajormadwifi: driverv0.9.3
1769Kernel panic with maxvaps > 32mtaylordefectmajormadwifi: drivertrunk
1221Standardise Radiotap FCS Handlingscottrdefectminormadwifi: othertrunk
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