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Milestone version 0.9.x - progressive release candidate phase

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Closed tickets:
Active tickets:

General goals to reach during this period:

  • fix every "more than just annoying" bugs reported by users
  • sta/managed mode works completely
  • ap/master mode operates completely
  • monitor mode working with at least all the features of the madwifi-old equivalent
  • multi-bssid (station + ap + monitor) mode
  • ad-hoc and wds mode that works
  • work on porting madwifi-old features
  • a highly-tuned scanning algorithm
  • reduce instabilities

Note: This milestone is assigned with all tickets that are expected to be fixed in any of the upcoming 0.9.x releases, but are not yet scheduled for a specific release. Each 0.9.x release will get their own milestone, and developers who start working on a 0.9.x ticket to get it fixed in the next release are asked to re-assign the ticket in question to the appropriate milestone (0.9.1 for example).

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