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Ticket #1906: madwifi-trunk-r3562-hal_unmangle_path.patch

File madwifi-trunk-r3562-hal_unmangle_path.patch, 0.6 kB (added by, 12 years ago)

needed for compilation for openwrt or redhat

  • madwifi-trunk-r3562-20080423/ath_hal/Makefile

    old new  
    9090        # Replace as many hashed names as possible with meaningful 
    9191        # ones in the symbol table of the binary kernel module for HAL. 
    9292        $(OBJCOPY) \ 
    93                 `cat $(shell dirname $(obj))/scripts/hal_unmangle.objcopy` \ 
     93                `cat $(shell dirname $(obj))/../scripts/hal_unmangle.objcopy` \ 
    9494                $(obj)/$(TARGET).hal.o